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Futuristic ST1 is Hyundai’s first venture into eLCVs

Hyundai has unveiled its latest electric offering, the ST1 van. 

The Korean manufacturer refers to the ST1 as its electric business platform — although the rest of us might call it a van — and explains that the vehicle can be converted to meet multiple business needs.

The ST1 is the first sign that Hyundai intends to expand its electric options into the commercial vehicle space.

An abbreviation of 'Service Type 1', the ST1 offers a range of services and solutions, which are, unsurprisingly, similar to those offered by sister company Kia and its PBV (Purpose Built Vehicle).

 The range will launch with the Cargo and Cargo Refrigeration models, fitted with a loading box and a refrigerated loading box behind the chassis cab, respectively.

Thanks to commercial trials of prototype vehicles, Hyundai hasn’t entered the sector blind and is confident it knows what buyers are looking for. The vehicles are already working in major domestic distribution companies in Korea, and the feedback has allowed the development of customised solutions.

Function Leads Form

The exterior of the ST1 is designed to enhance practicality, performance, and safety for all road users. Its semi-bonnet design provides a collision space to absorb impact shocks.

Black-coloured protectors have been added to areas that can be easily and frequently scratched, such as front bumpers, rear swing door rims, and side garnishes.

The cargo box has been enlarged by reducing ground clearance, creating a greater cargo volume. This has the added benefit of reducing the vehicle's overall height, making it low enough to access underground parking and other areas with restricted height, as well as ensuring easier entry and exit of the cab for the driver.

With a streamlined roof and spoiler, the ST1 optimises aerodynamic performance, which is further enhanced by a garnish connecting the cab to the cargo compartment.

“ST1 is a business platform with a variety of expansion possibilities," said a Hyundai spokesperson. "Starting with a vehicle optimised for logistics and delivery business, we hope that it will be loved by many customers as it can be expanded into a platform tailored to various purposes in the future.”

Hyundai ST1 Availability

Hyundai has yet to reveal the pricing of the ST1, which is expected to be announced later in the year, along with the vehicle specifications. Sales of the cargo and refrigeration models will begin in South Korea before rolling out to other territories, where they will be joined by further ST1 models.

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