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Wireless charging electric cars set for 2017

Electric wireless charging cars to debut in 2017

The electric car revolution continues as Wireless charging cars look set to debut on the roads in 2017. Qualcomm Halo might be about to propel their name into the public domain following cataclysmic developments in the industry.

At a very basic level, the cars will work via double charging pads, on the ground and on the vehicle. A current will be directed from the ground pad in order to create a strong magnetic field, and carry energy to the pad on the car. Finally, the power will be converted to DC in order to recharge the batteries.

The exclusive reveal announced the phenomenon for BMW i3 and i8 Formula E cars, and confirmed customers will have access in atleast three years time. In the electric racing championship the cars will be used as medical and safety vehicles. The company have indicated that '50 per cent of the cars they sell will be EVS' and that 'almost all of them will be using wireless charging'. 

 However, the design process will hardly be streamlined as it will require determining the best location for charging pads on the cars. Halo have already admitted some problems in fitting ther new-look system on the BMW i8 due to it's reinforced carbon-fire body, which doesn't bode well for the success of the idea, however, with the astounding growth of Electric cars it wouldn't be surprising if it became a regular instrument in the next ten years. That said, the system is known to be 5 percent less efficient than your traditional cable system, although the pad will be durable from exposure to the elements and won't be affected by conditions such as rain or snow. 

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