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What do you think about advanced inbuilt car technology features?

Nowadays, cars have begun to benefit more and more from advanced technology features making driving easier and safer.

inbuilt car technology featuresTechnology is moving very fast and our cars are, too. In response to changing demands, the automotive manufacturers have upgraded their cars with new technology features which have been happily adopted by car lovers. High speed & luxurious cars are the main types of cars that have benefited from all-new technology.


All-wheel drivetrain

A few decades back, most cars normally came with front wheel drive whereas now there is always a choice of drivetrain before driving your new car.

Hybrid cars

The Toyota Prius and Mitsubishi Outlander are the perfect example of a hybrid car that uses the computer and digital electronics to manage change between the combinations of power sources consuming less fuel, less CO2 & more eco-friendly driving.

Driving materials & components

To improve overall fuel economy; the overall vehicle components are one of the most important parameters which have been revised in the last few years. Most new cars come with light weight technology including Audi, Mercedes, BMW, Nissan, Toyota and others.

Auto Stop and start system

Auto Stop and start system has become very popular in the last few years and people are becoming more aware of it. It is one of the best and eco-friendly features that majority of the new cars have added as standard.

In-built Bluetooth system

The In-Built Bluetooth system gives you easy access to manage all your phone calls, media systems, contacts from car by connecting Bluetooth system of your phone and the car.

Active safety systems

Active safety systems such as speed limit assist, brake assist, traction control, collision warning, stability control, traction control are designed to minimize the chance of accident or malfunction before they appear. These are advanced safety systems where the car uses different types of camera and sensors around the vehicle to warn the driver when it senses the hazard.

Passive safety systems

Passive safety systems such as seatbelts, airbags, laminated glass, fuel pump kill switches are designed to minimize the injury in the event of an accident.

GPS Vehicle tracking

If your car hasn’t got inbuilt GPS vehicle tracking system, then there are many external options available that incorporates a range of satellites to provide an information on location, vehicle speed, time and direction. It remains very useful for fleet management.

Remote control parking

BMW have introduced remote control parking their new 7 Series model that allows the driver to park the car by itself using the touchscreen.


Manufacturers are trying to make driving safer and easier but as a driver if we rely on it completely then it can end up in a collision.

Cost you money - Because of advanced technology features, if there is a fault with your car, you could rack up additional costs for any technology faults.

Road accidents - It may divert your attention from the road and can cause an accident.


If we look countrywide, then China plays a major role producing a high number of cars every year. The United States come second and Japan third whereas the United Kingdom is down in 13th.

Wold motor vehicle production by country in 2015

Manufacturer wise – Japanese brand Toyota is the leading manufacturer producing the most cars every year. General motors come second and German VW Group appear third.

World motor vehicle production by manufacturer in 2015

The automotive industry is becoming more advanced day by day and especially the advanced safety features, which make car driving easy and safe and is good to see as standard in all the new cars.

What do you think about advanced in-built car technology features?  Do you look for these features in your next car?

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