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Lamborghini Urus, thrilling BMW Concept and autonomous R8 - Weekly News Roundup

“It’ll be a quiet summer for motoring” said nobody ever. That statement would certainly be looking a little peculiar following the lively week we’ve enjoyed in the industry with a lot of fresh news to sift through, we’ve brought together the best from this week.

New Lambo SUV for 2018

Lamborghini have turned the excitement factor up a notch with the announcement that the highly anticipated Urus has been waved into production, with an estimated release date of 2018. It seems a fair time away, but expect the Italian manufacturing legend to be feeding the occasional chunk of information over the next 18 months. We already know that the Urus has a completely carbon-fibre structure and underneath the bonnet is an advertised turbocharged V10 with a nifty electric motor also getting in on the action.

New kit for Volkswagen Tiguan

The Volkswagen Tiguan is still a very popular car, it’s one of Vw’s biggest earners and that’s quite a complement when you consider it’s up against legends such as the Golf and Passat. These updates should do it no harm with the SUV getting an all-new colour touchscreen and extra in-car connectivity. Media Control means you’ll be able to control many of the car’s systems via the touch of a button, on your tablet.

In terms of engines, the 2.0-litre diesel raising from 138bhp to 147bhp. This doesn’t mean compromised CO2 emissions either, figures fall by 17g/km.

Audi's tech-busting R8 hits CES

Another reveal which has encapsulated many motoring fans has been that of the Audi R8 E-Tron. Yes, you read that correctly – Audi are converting their champagne model into electric. And that’s not where the fun ends, the vehicle will also be FULLY autonomous. Revealed at the CES Show in Shanghai, the E-Tron uses cameras and ultrasonic sensors that map the surroundings and send it to the cars central computer. Audi anticipate the vehicle to be *released* in 2017, where it could surely become one of the hottest pieces of tech on roads.

Fresh BMW Hommage Concept Revealed...

Slightly usurped by subsequent reveals, the BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage Concept caused quite the storm in the early parts of the week. There’s likely to be components of many BMW’s in the mix with some of the i8 and M5 rumoured to be influencing BM’s latest Hommage vehicle. 21-inch “bi-colour” alloys give the vehicle a classy look and the interior is rumoured to include such eccentricities as crash helmets in the vehicle’s transmission tunnel.

And the rest..

The Las Vegas manufacturer PSC has never been short on exuberance and this has been amplified by the recent reveal of a 1700bhp plug-in hybrid vehicle that reckons it can hit 0-62mph in an extremely rapid 2.8 seconds. We’ll wait and see on this one but it looks a real goer..


The Audi A8 is also getting fresh tech and if you missed some of our earlier stories in the week take a look at the first app to allow you to control your car from your watch and the facelifted version of Skoda’s popular 2015 Superb model.

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