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Short term leasing is the flexible solution

Due to the changing needs of fleet, a short terms lease of 18 to 24 months is often a highly cost-effective option that you may have never thought of before!

Short Term Leasing

Benefits of short term leasing:


  • A cost-effective option 
  • Simple and convenient solution
  • Can cost you 20% to 50% less than a daily rental vehicle.

At Select Contracts, we are vehicle leasing specialist providers that have traditionally offered short term lease to meet our customers growing demand where people can lease vehicles from 18 to 24 months and other 36 plus 48 month options also available.

Being trusted credit broker; we provide the short term lease such as 18 months based on finance companies and manufacturer. Based on our special discount deal, you can save lots of money on short term lease and benefits happy motoring with no hassle. Now days, the cars normally comes as standard with Bluetooth, rear parking sensors and the majority have satellite navigation that adds extra convenience to your driving. These new vehicles come with new advance technology with low emissions which are always sub 130 grams per kilometre and have good fuel consumption.

The fleet ranges come from supermini to premium executive, plus vans. So customers can choose their choice of category. People who never lease a car before than 24 months lease deal can be your best option to experience it as it provides short term lease with a low initial deposit.



Among our customers, the 24 month deal is the most popular compared to 36 and 48 months, as it’s a short term contract hire agreement. Although confidence is on the up, some businesses remain cautious about committing to a three or four year contract hire agreement. There are plenty of cars available on £150 rentals per month which save you money over using daily rental.

“Automotive demand is growing in the last few years and people are being tasked to respond more and more quickly because the customers are winning bigger contracts and need to mobilise more people quickly.”

Digital Marketing manager, Daniel Jones has commented, - “the short term lease allows the customers to review and manage their expenditure more effectively.”



At Select Contracts, we are pleased to announce that our customers can benefit the short term 24 month lease for the vans, too. For more details please, ask our sales team! Short term lease deals are available on various mileage options such as 5000 to 30000 mileage range depending on your requirements.

If you are looking to get yourself behind the wheel of a brand new vehicle then simply call our friendly sales team on 0118 920 5130 and find the perfect vehicle for yourself!

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