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Volvo announces XC90

Volvo has announced the sleek looking XC90, and expects it to be released in 2015. An exclusive video reveal on the Swedish industry giant's website, shows a swish XC90 sliding through dark and misty woodlands, with gusts of wind and driving rain biting at the car's edges. It then moves on to a smooth tarmac surface, and this is when we get  a really good look at the model. It's still a hefty beast- but that doesn't affect it's outstanding beauty. Those streamlined sides should make it fairly nippy, and add to what Volvo hopes will be the ultimate driving experience.

Perhaps it's most defining feature is the nose of the car, where the introduction of a new look chrome-trimmed grille and LED running lights influence the car's overall appearance fairly significantly. The Volvo design team dubbed these lights 'Thor's Hammer' due to it's apparent striking resemblance to the fictional piece of weaponry.

If your in awe of the exterior of the car, say hello to what is according to Volvo 'the most luxurious interior to ever feature'. Plush doesn't quite cut it. A combination of wood and leather give the interior an exquisite finish. A crystal glass gear lever and diamond cut controls help to create what Volvo decribes as an 'airy and comfortable cabin'. This includes many handcrafted materials and amenities 'exclusive to Sweden'. It really sounds like the XC90 is finally going to provide the authentic experience that we have craved from Volvo for so many years. The interior is capped off by a touchscreen fitted to the central console. This will be the first car to be released following the change of ownership at Volvo, and the precluding style and finish of the car alongside the headlight and grille designs are expected to be a staple for many model releases following the XC90. 

In terms of the engine, what can we expect from the XC90? It's a seven-seater SUV, yet the car will beavailable with a 2.0- litre diesel and petrol engine and rumours suggest the car will be capable of CO2 emissions of as little as 60kg/km, which it would place the XC90 ahead of the Porsche Cayenne hybrid and other SUVs in terms of efficiency. For now, four wheel drive is the only option but a two-wheel drive option is expected to launch later next year.

Volvo rather brashly announced that they expect nobody to be killed or seriously injured in their new models by 2020. However, such confidence is not unfounded. The company's reputation when it comes to safety is second to none and the XC90 is expected to only improve this. The car will have the ability to automatically tighten seatbelts due to a 'run-off road protection package'. Another element of Volvo's safety infastructure in the XC90 is the use of a system that will automatically put the brakes on should it detect the driver has turned in front of oncoming traffic.

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