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8 Cars to look out for in 2016

2016 promises to be another exciting year of new car arrivals set to debut in the UK. It was a record breaking term in 2015 as new-car registrations hit an all-time high and records continued to be broken month-by-month. We saw some brilliant vehicles make their way onto our roads in 2015 and with this year also boasting some enticing and appealing reveals 2016 looks set to be equally successful. This year will see some quality luxury SUVs from Jaguar and Bentley as well as the return of Alfa Romeo and a few other surprise reveals, the stage is certainly set for a big year in motoring.


The Giulia was probably one of the years most surprising announcements. Alfa Romeo have been away from the scene of the compact executive for many years so it came as a shock to many when they took the wraps off their new vehicle prior to the New York Motor Show. The Giulia is a striking vehicle and has already attracted plenty of interest and support within the industry. It is set to rival the BMW M3 but its smaller models will take on market leaders such as the C-Class from Mercedes, Jaguar’s XE and the new Audi A4. The Giuilia promises to be one of the hottest properties in 2016 with a startling 503bhp 3.0-litre turbo V6 on offer its fair to say it will have no trouble catching your eye!


Another manufacturer making its way back into a familiar territory, Fiat have introduced the Tipo to the UK as its latest hatchback model. A world away from the diminutive 500 – the Tipo will brush shoulders with the likes of the Vauxhall Astra and Ford Focus with arrival expected in time for the new 66 Registration Plate. There will be a range of engines on offer including a 1.6-litre petrol and 1.3, 1.6-litre diesel engines. A vehicle that could well cause a bit of a shake-up in the industry and one we look forward to seeing out and about on the road!


Another hot property arriving in 2016, the F-Pace from Jaguar was yet another shock reveal and already seems destined to be an all-round success. The first SUV from Jaguar, a manufacturer who has a reputation in the executive rather than the rugged crossover market, Jaguar are confident their car will be able to trump much of the opposition. It's 360-degree loop that it did upon reveal certainly suggest they are holding all the aces. The F-Pace has made its debut at a number of motorshows in the runup to its release and its fair to say we now know a fair bit about the latest reveal from the prestigious British manufacturer. It will arrive officially in April with a range of engines including a number with an impressive record when it comes to emissions. You will have plenty of options among them being the opportunity to choose between rear or four-wheel drive as well as both manual and auto.


The Peugeot 308 R Hybrid has been a while in the pipeline – revealed at the beginning of 2015 it was a vehicle that certainly grabbed the attention of motoring enthusiasts. Intially unveild as just a concept, Peugeot were overwhelmed with positive feedback on the vehicles sporty and sharp appearance and the manufacturer wasted no time in announcing it for official production. Developed by the Motorsport division of Peugeot you can be certain that the vehicle will be packing a fair bit of power, as demonstrated by its 1.6-litre turbo which will deliver over 260bhp, though the most powerful models will hit around 493bhp and will emit a minimal 70g/km. This is where the 308 R will really come into its own – its hybrid ability will set it apart from much of the competition. There is a market gap for the 308 R Hybrid thats for sure, but can it fill it? Time will tell.


The Tesla Model X was voted as one of the most anticipated vehicles of the next year and its not exactly surprising when you consider the track record of Tesla. The electric car manufacturer has risen to fame over the last few years and now offers some of the most desirable vehicles on the market and has reached new heights with technology in the industry - a quick glance in the Model S interior will tell you everything you need to know! The Model X is expected to arrive in showrooms up and down the country next year and will be the first all-electric SUV offered by Tesla. The Model X serves up a delicious 967Nm of torque, 762bhp and will do 0-60mph in just 3.2 seconds and all of course without requiring any running costs.


The new and updated Mercedes E-Class has been a long while in the making and unlike many of the other cars to look out for next year, the E-Class's reveal and subsequent confirmation was not and will not be a surprise release. However, the freshly revamped E-Class has been strongly welcomed and its design which has a more crisp finish similar to that of the ‘S-Class’ - Mercedes premier model - has proved very popular. There are likely to be many engine choices and a whole host of customisable choices for drivers when it arrives in the summer.


Bentleys first SUV was treated with caution by many in the industry upon its release. The Bentayga, if you ignore the name, is actually a very well-rounded and impressive vehicle and certainly a potential show-stopper for 2016. The 6.0-litre W12 engine seen in many of Bentleys previous models will go some way to making the Bentayga a startlingly successful car. Four years after it was initially previewed, to a mixed reception, the Bentayga will arrive to a market now increasingly competitive but the Bentley badge and a tremendous set of additional features could put the Bentayga in the driving seat come the end of the year.


Scarcely few could have imagined the Range Rover Evoque’s incredible rise to fame. A worldwide favourite that even sparked a knock-off model around the world,  the luxurious and stylish vehicle is one of the best-selling ever on UK shores and its easily one of the brands most successful models. The Convertible model is expected to arrive in the latter stage of next year and you can read all about what exactly this surprisingly sleek vehicle will offer here.

These are some of the most exciting vehicles to arrive in 2016 but its by no means all of them! A special mention must go to the MG GS which will hopefully kickstart the MG revival by way of a Crossover SUV. There will also be offerings including the Volkswagen Tiguan, new Golf another Vauxhall Astra, McLaren 540C and much much more!

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