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Range Rover Evoque Convertible: Full Details Revealed

Land Rover have revealed the full details of their latest vehicle and it's quite an exciting one at that. The manufacturer have launched what they are calling the ''worlds first luxury SUV convertible". It will technically remain the first convertible ever officially placed in production by Land Rover.

Its quite a U-turn for the brand who have traditionally made their name on creating tough, luxurious vehicles with a particular strength for off-roading. This is the first time they have moved outside of this to create a vehicle that will be completely unique in the market.

Initially announced at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show, alebit in concept form, Land Rover have spent the last few years developing the vehicle and putting out teasers on a car that they hope will enjoy similar success to the original Evoque, which has shifted a considerable number of units in the last few years and continues to remain one of the UK's most popular SUVs. Whether a convertible will be able to replicate this unprecendeted sucess we will have to wait and see but the early signs are definitely strong.

Land Rover have been ratcheting up excitement for the vehicle over the past few months all ahead of its eventual debut at the LA Motor Show this coming week and you'll be able to read about all the vehicles that are expected to make their debuts at the show on our News Page so keep a lookout! 

There will be a whole range of personalization options meaning you can make the Evoque Convertible a completely unique experience for yourself and we wait eagerly to see the true extent of this with Land Rover traditionally very strong on customizable options on your vehicle.

Land Rover are keen to stress that while the vehicle will take on a number of new elements to allow it to adapt to a convertible style, much of what made the Evoque so successful will be carried through to the open-top version. There are new LED Headlights that give the vehicle a sharp appearance and a number of other subtle design tweaks but on the face of it this much the same vehicle.


Coming in at 277kg, slightly weightier than the original Evoque and at 4,370mm its fair to say the Evoque Convertible will have a dominating presence on the road. In terms of the cars performance stats it will be able to charge from 0-62mph in 10.3 seconds - slightly slower than the original Evoque but by no means a crawler by convertible standards. Economy sits at 49.6mpg and CO2's are likely to range from 129g/km to 149g/km. There will likely be plenty of engine choices on offer but we may have to wait for Land Rover to officially announce these.



The engine range will likely be confirmed at the show in LA but so far we know that the TD4 178bhp Ingenium engine will feature and for those looking towards the top-end of performance there will be a staggering 237bhp four-cylinder Si4 also available.


The Convertible element will sacrifice the five-seat ability of the previous Evoque for the hood-folding mechanism required in a convertible. There remain no half-measures on the quality of the interior which is very much in line with Land Rover's traditional luxury styling with all models getting leather seats and a number of other features completely as standard. You'll also get a very reasonable 251-litres of boot space which is very generous for a convertible vehicle. There is very good height and legroom and the previous enjoyment of the drive offered in the Evoque is only amplified by the open-top experience. There is also a host of technology also set to be on offer with InControl TouchPro allowing you to access many of the cars functions by a series of apps, all available on smartphone. Additionally, the Evoque Convertible welcomes 3G Internet Connectivity, remote tracking, a 10.2-inch touchscreen and the vehicle will also act as its own 'Wi-Fi' Hotspot, something we are seeing a lot more of these days.


The Range Rover Evoque Convertible will cause a lot of interest when it makes its initial debut this week and you can expect to see a lot more of the vehicle over the next few months. We expect it to be in UK showrooms in-time for the summer, so you can really make the most of that open-top drive!

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