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The Best and Weirdest World Leader

With Russia’s re-elected President, Vladimir Putin, debuting his brand-new limo at his recent inauguration, we thought we’d take a look at his new motor as well as some of the other cars being used to transport some of the world’s most powerful people.

These vehicles need to be of the highest security standard and we’ll show you what these leaders’ cars are equipped with and the resulting cost of all these safety additions. 

From the super-powered, to super-secure and the super-quirky – we’ve covered all bases when it comes to the cars being used to chauffeur round the worlds dignitaries.

Best World Leader's Cars

Vladimir Putin

Developed under ‘Project Cortege’ which began seven years ago, Putin's new ride is a 6-ton, 23 foot-long, twin-turbocharged 4.4-litre juggernaut.

Officially unveiled for the first time as part of his inauguration ceremony, the Aurus Senat Limo is the first domestically produced vehicle designed for a Russian head of state since 1985 and is the first in what officials say will be an entire fleet of 14 new “Unified Modular Platform” vehicles, including sedans, minivans and SUVs. It’s also understood that Porsche and Bosch helped out with the engineering work.

Vladimir Putin - state car

It features a number of safety features such as being armour plated and has night vision, which you’d expect from a presidential car.

It also offers some amazing AI functionality. For example, Putin’s limo can reportedly sense how bumpy a road is and adjust its speed automatically. It can also detect road signs and will reduce and increase its speed based on the speed limit of the signs along each individual road. And according to one report, the Aurus when faced with inescapable collision, can automatically move the passenger seats to a safer position, tightens all the seat belts and then closes all doors and windows.

Donald Trump

President Of The United States Of America

Car: Cadillac One AKA “The Beast”

Estimated Cost: £1.2 Million

A brand-new Cadillac has been built for President Trump, which he has named “The Beast”. This custom-built limo is longer than two large SUVs and weighs in at a staggering 8-tons. There are 12 Cadillacs in the Presidential fleet that are rotated, which cost close to £15 Million all together, and are sent ahead for official visits across the globe.

The Cadillac comes with its own panic button, has the usual safety features such as bullet proof windows, Kevlar tyres and armour-plated body-work. But this is the president of the USA’s car, so it has a few more features than that.

Cadillac One AKA The Beast

Trump’s car also has tear gas grenade launches at the front of the vehicle, a “firefighting system” in the boot, which holds tear gas and smoke screen dispensers, as well as state of the art communication units allowing the president to speak direct to the vice president and the white house, and one similar in the front cabin for the trained US Secret Service driver. 

Elizabeth II

Queen Of The United Kingdom

Car: Bentley State Limousine

Estimated Cost: £11 Million

Created especially for her majesty, this Bentley State Limousine is the most expensive state car in the world, costing around £11 Million. The car was not only built for the Queen’s exclusive use, but was built for a specific occasion too, the golden jubilee which was held in 2002 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of The Queen’s accession to the British throne.

The Bentley is based on one of their most luxurious cars of the past, the Arnage, but with this version Bentley extended the wheelbase to afford more room for passengers in the back, it was also widened and provided more head room than the original, making it easier for the Queen and other passengers to “get out in a suitably dignified manner.”


Bentley have not disclosed the cars safety features, but reports suggest that the cabin is blast proof and is sealed air-tight in case of a gas attack. The tyres are reinforced Kevlar and the bodywork is fully bulletproof too.

Since being created, the Bentley has also been converted to run on biofuel. 

Pope Benedict

Car: Mercedes-Benz M-Class AKA The Popemobile

Estimated Cost: £400,000

The last real Popemobile belonged to the former leader of the catholic church Pope Benedict. This is because the new bishop of Rome Pope Francis does not believe in the need of a highly secure car to sit in during his official visits, stating that “at my age I don’t have much to lose.”

There have been many different Popemobiles in the past but the latest was this, a converted Mercedes-Benz M-Class. This holy motor was fitted with a large cabin at the rear for the pope to sit in as he was driven through the vast crowds that would come to meet him.

The cabin itself had three-inch thick composite glass, able to withstand explosives. It also has added filters and a spare oxygen supply in case the car came under a biological or chemical attack.

Mercedes-Benz M-Class AKA The Popemobile

The run-flat tyres allowed the Popemobile to reach 70mph to get away from any sort of attack and a half inch thick plate was fitted to the cars underside, protecting anyone inside from any mines or explosions that occurred underneath it. 

Kim Jong-un

Leader Of The Democratic People’s Republic Of Korea

Car: Mercedes-Benz S600 (W221) Pullman Guard

Estimated Cost: £135,000

Not only does Kim Jong Un’s car come with many safety features, it also comes with a 12-man security squad that run alongside the car in a synchronised formation for extra security.

This Pullman Guard version of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class is one of the safest cars around. Its armoured bodywork is said to be able to withstand a grenade attack, handgun shots of up to .44 calibre, as well as military rifle attack.

Mercedes-Benz S600 (W221) Pullman Guard

The car also comes fitted with bulletproof glass, reinforced flooring that’s resistant to land mines and its Aramind and PE components protect the cars bodywork from splintering again keeping the occupant safe from blasts but also from exposure to gas and chemicals, due to being 100% sealed tight at all times. 

According to Business Insider, all these safety features mean this car costs a whopping £1.2 million.


Weirdest World Leaders’ Cars

Not all world leaders opt for the cars that have the highest security ratings or are packed full of weaponry and gadgets. Some decided to choose motors that better represent them as people. Take these few as examples…

Bishop Of Rome, Leader Of The Catholic Church

Car: Open Top Mercedes G-Wagon

Estimated Cost: £80,000

As we mentioned above, unlike his predecessor, Pope Francis doesn’t believe that he needs a swanky and secure motor for when he makes his official visits.

Instead the leader of the Catholic Church opts for an open top Mercedes G-wagon instead, which allows the leader of the Catholic Church to be closer to the crowd that comes to meet him. It does have some features, it has a folding front windscreen and handrails and a special paint job known as “Vatican Mystic White”. 

Jose Mujica

Former President Of Uruguay

Car: Volkswagen Beetle

Estimated Cost: Seemingly priceless

Volkswagen Beetle

Mujica lead a frugal lifestyle and thus decided to ditch his state car for this 1987 Volkswagen Beetle. Nicknamed “the poorest president in the world” at the time, the former head of state’s Beetle became very desirable, so much so that an Arab Sheikh reportedly offered to buy it for $1 million, which Mujica turned down.

George Tupou V

Former King Of Tonga

Car: London Black Cab

Estimated Cost: £5,000

The former King Of Tonga, George Tupou V’s state car of choice was a London black cab. Why? “A London taxi has the right proportions and makes it easy for you to get in and out of whilst wearing spurs and a sword” said the once Tongan King. “I realise that these criteria are not everyday considerations for the ordinary mum and dad when they come to buy a family car.”

London Cab




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