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Nissan GT-R: Affordable Super-Car?

As much as we'd all like to, the hopes of owning one of the world's leading super-cars fade gradually as the years go on. The fact is, that some of the fastest cars in the world, have, and always will be some of the most expensive vehicles in the world. For a century the dreams of many men and women have been littered with frighteningly quick engines, and the appearance of these vehicles in Hollywood, so fluidly almost as if you can reach out and touch that glossy surface has only increased the heart rate of motoring enthusiasts the world over.

So that's the bad news, the good news is that there is a wealth of affordable high-performance super-cars that are just waiting in the wings. One of these vehicles is the rip-roaring and incredible GT-R from Nissan. The GT-R has been the subject of many promotional campaigns over the last eighteen months, and that’s perhaps why it’s at the forefront of every motorists mind. Seeing this vehicle power its way across sun-baked tarmac in the American desert was a refreshing sight for motorists, and the fact it all comes tied-up in a neat little bow at a very affordable price is even better.

As an indication of the GT-R’s obvious guile, the hyper-charged NISMO version of the vehicle holds the 4th best lap time at the famous Nurburgring Circuit only behind the two Radical SportsCars and the Porsche 918 Spyder. But while the circuit gives the GT-R it’s true chance to show it’s worth, it’ll look far less imposing and shouty than any of the other vehicles and it’s ability in urban environments is still fairly strong. Capable of topping 0-62 in a miniscule 3.1 seconds, the vehicle is constantly undergoing renovation; and the vehicle version that debuted in 2008 is a very different animal to that lying in the showroom in 2015. Recent additions include LED running lights, brand-new alloys and a sporty red-engine cover that slopes venomously to create a finely-tuned, striking appearance. Nissan confirmed in 2008 that you'd be waiting atleast three years for the ''real car'' and we can now firmly suggest this has arrived, with the most powerful versions of the GT-R now gracefully waiting to be plucked off the tree.

The need for a circuit to reach it's full potential is perhaps outlined via the vehicle's ability to reach top speeds greater than 190mph. The brakes are firm and powerful, and there is excellent interior comfortablity, with the four-wheel drive system offering a hugely responsive and superb quality of ride.

You won't need to worried about troubling corners or sharp bends, or any kind of speed-limiting device in-fact, as the GT-R is durable enough to tackle these terrains and environments without breaking a bead of sweat. Packing between 523bhp and 542bhp, the Nissan has no qualms about pushing itself to the limits, something further demonstrated by the increase of torque from 588Nm to 612Nm in the last few years. The steering is incredibly well balanced and the style is both agile and durable with internal systems working in cognition to create a stupendous driving experience. The interior may appear chunky, but the benefit of this is felt inside where there is almost cavernous amounts of interior and luggage space.

The interior goes full-circle with a perfect, comfortable driving position and Recaro racing seats considered the focal point of a cabin-composition. There are three modes to choose from including the Comfort, Normal and R and while the drive may encapsulate you, it will also prick the ears of others - the GTR and Nismo make one hell of a noise. That said, there are very few shortcomings of what proves to be a truly exceptional and coupled with a strong, sleek interior.

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