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New speeding fines - all you need to know

 As of the 24th April, the government has introduced new regulations for speeding fines in a fresh approach to tackling motorists who break the limit. While the rules appear stricter, they'll largely only affect drivers who fall into the 'Band C' bracket ; those who are significantly over the limit. If you're in Band C you could be hit by 50% increase to 150 percent of your income. As seen in the table at the bottom, Band C is no grey area - its the equivalent of being at 66mph or above in a 40 area and alongside the increase in fine percentage could land you with a 56 day driving ban or six points on your license.

Fixed penalties given on the road will remain the same and Drivers who fall into categories A and B will also not face any changes. The minimum fine remains at £100 and most Band A fines, that is going 31-40 in a 30 zone, will be the equivalent to half your weekly wage. However, first time speeders will still have the opportunity to take a speed awareness course which allows them to avoid any potential fine.   

driving speeding penalties

The cap on fines at £1000 (or £2500 if on the motorway) remains the same but its now highly likely that more and more offenders will be given the maximum fine in an effort to crack down on speeding. The Band B fines will increase to £530.77 which means a greater percentage of their weekly in

The new fines will only apply in England and Wales with Scotland currently exempt from the updates.

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