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Mercedes boast lucrative 2014

Mercedes’ monthly sales are consistently outperforming their own new-car registrations from 2013. There is a growing positive correlation between sales and time, and there seems to be no relenting of interest in the strongly adored German manufacturer.

Luxury car brands in general are enjoying a breakthrough year in 2014, with traditional market leaders both Mercedes and BMW celebrating improved sales from their efforts last year. The phrase “start as you mean to go on” was certainly appropriate here; Mercedes began the year with a 15% increase on last year’s new-car registrations, and January appeared to act as a watershed moment for new-car registrations as a steady incline was noticeable following the opening month of the year.

Fabulous February for Mercedes

New-car registration lines usually take a hit in February – the new registration numbers in March usually see to that – but, while Mercedes suffered, they managed to still increase their sales from 2013 – albeit marginally. A 7.5% increase, is an exceptionally good improvement for what is usually a turgid month, and a great example of the comparative success Mercedes are savouring this fiscal year.

March, of course, was a profitable month for the reputable German brand, as the new registration plates provided success for almost all car manufacturers on UK shores - Mercedes were no different. An 18% jump on last year, is an extremely commendable amount considering the month often provides ballooned figures. While, the following month April had a 14% improvement on it's registrations from 2013, the real gold for Mercedes was to be found in May. A 20% increase on the sales from 2013 was one of the strongest hikes for any manufacturer in the spring month, and when not counting new manufacturers such as Ssangyong and Dacia was the 3rd highest improvement for any manufacturer. A staggering statistic when you consider the success that has been enjoyed by many of the major automakers so far this year.

May perhaps had a knock-on effect for the rest of the year, with June enjoying a slightly less stunning, but still admirable 16%.

Spring Success for German manufacturer

These key spring months, alongside the traditionally profitable September month means Mercedes new car-reg’s this year pushes just under 108,000.

Overall, total cars for the year-to-date have reached 2,137,910. An already greater number than the sales in 2012, which peaked at just over 2m, but still a little short of last years figures. However, there is only a short gap to bridge, and barring a huge collapse, new registrations will again beat their figures from the previous year. 

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