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James May reveal Car that chance the world

The car that changed the world has been puzzling motoring fans, petrol-heads and journalists for years. Plenty of head-scratching has gone on, and frankly, we’re no closer to an answer of the vehicle that shaped the current world.

Well, if anybody can offer a clear look at this; it’s James May. The Top Gear presenter has always been the ‘thinker’ of his wily group – starring in notable technology and historical programmes, and often offering a clearer eye on the world of motoring. So, it’s lucky that Mr May will be announcing his car that changed the world, at the annual London Classic Car Show amongst a throng of the finest pieces of vintage motoring engineering.

It shouldn’t be surprising that the mercurial presenter – capable of his own, perhaps more reserved jaw-dropping moments – has thrown a few curveballs into the mix, creating a bit of anticaption for his announcement, at one of the most renown motoring events in the UK.

In a special exhibit at the show; May will reveal 13 cars that he believes had a ‘’profound effect on the motor car as we know it today’’.

The candidates for this most prestigious of awards, appear to have been split into various sections. ‘The Corridors of Bloody Mindedness’ is set to include some of James’s most controversial suggestions. This will include, an ‘electric vehicle from the turn of the century’ and ‘the vehicle that inspired the Beetle’ among others. It’s set to be quite an interesting selection, and we’re sure that while we trust James’s judgment wholly – there’ll be a few oranges in the Revels.  However, it has been confirmed that while these vehicles are designed to make people think, none of them are actual contenders for the accolade.

Among the range of vehicles that will be announced, there will be what James is describing as the ‘Hall of Obviousness’. A suitably dramatic title, for the set of vehicles that make these lists every time; the original Mini, Model T Ford, Beetle and the Benz Patent Motorwagon – the first car that was released in 1885.

Some of the confirmed more outlandish, and controversial suggestions include the Ford Mustang, that James describes as the original muscle car, and the Toyota Prius, the first vehicle that led the hybrid revolution.

 “The Hall of Obviousness is exactly that, significant cars that most people would expect to be on a list of cars that changed the world,” said James. “The cars in the Corridors of Bloody Mindedness, on the other hand, are designed to make people think again.

“It’s amazing to think that the car has always been future proof – even the earliest cars, whether powered by petrol, steam or electricity, are still running today. Of course, all the cars on show are my choices and are just as likely to start an argument as end one. I’ve already had a complaint from someone that the Austin Seven hasn’t been included. It’s a point of view not without merit, but… tough.”

The winning vehicle will be announced on January 5th 2015 at the Classic Car Show – where they’ll be a host of exciting exhibits, an appearance from TV chef James Martin, and of course plenty of the best classic vehicles.

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