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Electric Vehicle News Roundup: Kia and MG among brands gearing up for 2030 petrol diesel ban

Unless you spent the last few years stranded on a small island with only a volleyball called Wilson for company, you’ve probably noticed the electric revolution is here

But now the government has told us when the battery-powered revolutionaries will finally take over – and it’s sooner than we thought.

New petrol and diesel ban brought forward to 2030

The government originally planned to ban the sale of new petrol and diesel cars in 2040, before that was moved forward to 2035. Now, though, Johnson and co. have moved the cut-off date to 2030. 

After that point, you won’t be able to get a brand-new car that isn’t hybrid or electric, and even then only hybrids that can “drive a significant distance with zero emissions” will be allowed. Although the government hasn’t confirmed its definition of “a significant distance”, it seems likely that only plug-in hybrids will qualify.

If you’re a petrol-head up in arms about this news, there are two things to remember. One, this isn’t a ban on petrol and diesel cars – only the sale of new models – and two, we offer a range of lease options that will help you get your internal combustion fix before the deadline… Hint, hint.

Kia and MG ramp up electrification efforts

Fortunately, it seems Kia and MG are getting ready for the changeover ahead of time. The two companies saw a massive uplift in demand for their electrically powered family SUVs.

 As was reported by electric vehicle website Inside EVs, the Kia e-Niro was the UK’s most popular electric car in October, notching up around 9% of total sales. MG’s electric SUVs, meanwhile, made up more than four in 10 of the Chinese-owned company’s sales, helping the firm to growth of 125%.

Lotus set to release first all-electric SUV

Fellow Chinese-owned brand Lotus will be hoping the move to electric can propel it to similar fortunes. According to Autocar, the Norfolk-based company has decided to move straight to electric power for its first SUV, instead of the originally planned hybrid powertrain. Due in 2022, the new model, codenamed Lambda, is expected to have around 750hp and a 360-mile range.

Volvo put new purpose built electric truck on course for release

That’s roughly three times the range of Volvo’s new FL Electric 4x2 truck, which is said to be the world’s first “purpose-built fully electric 16-tonne vehicle”.

As was reported by Trucker World, the truck has gone into service with logistics firm DHL. The vehicle, which will do 120 miles on a single charge, is being used for so-called “last-mile” deliveries in London’s West End, and will recharge overnight at DHL’s base in Purfleet.

VW to inject billions into new electric projects

Meanwhile in Europe, Volkswagen has announced plans to invest €35 billion for ‘e-mobility’ projects, including new electric cars. As Electrive originally reported, the money will be used to develop the new four-door ID.Aero electric car, as well as other new battery-powered models. At the same time, VW will invest €11 billion in hybrid cars and a further €27 billion in “digitalisation”, which includes in-car technology and software. Such investments will affect user experience and user interfaces, with VW hoping that will help position it among the top players in the industry.

In total, VW reckons it will invest around 10% more in these fields than it did in its previous “planning period”, while the digitalisation spend alone is twice the size of the previously planned investment.

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