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Some electric cars now ideal for towing caravans despite previous warnings

Here are Select Car Leasing’s top five EV towers:

  1. Tesla Model X – With a towing load capacity of 2,250 kg and range of 145 miles, the Tesla is a superb choice for the caravan fan.
  2. Audi E-tron – All versions boast a towing load of 1,800kg, with the 55 Quattro an especially attractive proposition.
  3. Kia EV6 – Recently crowned European Car of the Year, the South Korean brand’s excellent EV crossover can pull a maximum of 1,600kg. Its battery can also be replenished up to 80 per cent in as little as 18 minutes with an ultra-rapid charger.
  4. Polestar 2 – This Swedish beast got a glowing review by Top Gear’s Freddie Flintoff when the former England cricket star put it to the test in a caravan-related challenge. It should easily handle a larger caravan.
  5. Mercedes Benz EQC – While the 1,800kg towing capacity might seem a little lightweight for its size, the EQC has both self-levelling rear suspension and a level towing platform that boosts performance while something is hooked onto the tow bar.

The eye-watering price rises come as people who got a taste of holidays on home soil during the Covid pandemic continue vacationing in the UK.

But motoring experts are warning newcomers to the touring lifestyle that they need to be aware of the challenges of towing an average load of 1,200kg behind them.

Graham Conway, Managing Director of the UK’s leading car leasing company Select Car Leasing, says that while experience is important there are some key tips to put you on the right track.

He added: 

“Caravaning has been popular for decades, but recent events have seen a surge in popularity. When the weather is good it’s hard to beat the UK for scenery, culture and transport infrastructure.
“So it’s understandable that so many people have been bitten by the towing bug, even if prices are currently soaring. But there are some key skills you’ll need to learn to make sure your caravan trip doesn’t turn into a holiday from hell.”

Give yourself more time and space

It can take a while to become fully aware of the load behind, but by braking earlier and accelerating more slowly you should alleviate most issues.

Be particularly aware of corners where you will need to take the turn much wider so as not to hit the curb with the caravan’s wheels.

Watch your speed and your lane

Definitely worth remembering unless you want points on your licence and a potential ban.

The top speed when towing is 50mph on a single lane road and 60mph on a dual carriageway.

And when on the motorway, stay out of the outside lane unless you want some blue flashing lights behind you.

Extension mirrors

Being able to see the rear of whatever you are towing is a legal requirement, which very often means attaching extensions to your wing mirrors.

These are relatively inexpensive and easy to fit – but remember to take them off when you unhook your load as they can hit other cars and cause costly damage if you forget.

Avoid ‘snaking’ and ‘pitching’

These are both phenomena familiar to most caravan towers. Snaking is when caravans swing from side to side while pitching is where they bump up and down – dragging the rear of the towing vehicle backwards.

The first thing to do is NOT PANIC and definitely don’t hit the brakes. Then take both feet off the pedals and rely on engine braking to slow down.

If your car is snaking, don’t try to steer out of it. Maintain a straight line and it should correct itself.

Select Car Leasing has also revealed the best electric vehicles for towing caravans, with sales of eco-models surging by 260 per cent last year.

Mr Conway said: 

“EVs are the major success story in the motoring sector, with a huge clamour to snap up the latest plug-in battery models especially. For years the lack of range and the increased weight due to battery load meant they were not suitable for caravan trips. But advancing technology now means newer electric vehicles are ideal for the job, with impressive torque and powerful electric motors.
“And with the UK’s network of charging points increasing by around 1,000 per month, there’s no excuse not to go electric for all your caravan holiday needs.”

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