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Why BMW xDrive is good for winter

It’s time for winter and that means many motorists are looking at leasing all-wheel drive cars. So here we have come up with one of the most popular - BMW’s new technology known as xDrive is not only good for winter but it also drives very well.

BMW XDrive

What you need to know about the BMW xDrive technology?

The xDrive is a full-time all-wheel drive system which is commonly referred as xDrive in BMW cars. The xDrive technology in BMW cars ensures unique corning performance. Its smooth distribution of torque between the rear wheels, traction and handling both improves and  the agility and dynamics of the vehicle on any surface allowing you take bends very smoothly and with great precision.

All wheel drive systemThe system automatically recognises over-steering and under-steering by the ABS(Antilock braking system) & DSC system and the system starts reacting within seconds to distribute up to 100% engine power to the front or rear axle depending on the situation.

Under normal conditions, BMW’s rear biased trademark sends 40% of drive to the front and 60% rearwards.

What BMWmodels comes with xDrive technology?


The BMW xDrive is available on X1, X3 and is standard on both the X5 and X6. It is also optional on the 1 series, 3 Series, 4 Series, 5 Series, 6 Series and 7 Series.

BMW has gradually expanded the availability of xDrive across its whole range to better compete with Mercedes-Benz’s 4Matic, Audi’s Quattro and all-wheel drive version of Jaguar’s XF and XJ.

Take a look at the video for better understanding of the xDrive technology:

Here we look at two of the best SUVs -



The BMW X3 is one of the most capable SUVs, offering a roomy interior, efficient engines and a great driving experience thanks to its xDrive technology.

Read the full review on auto express website here!

The BMW X5 is one of the most capable SUVs to drive and comes with great driving ability and a more comfortable, punchy and powerful engine range than ever before.

You can read the full review on Auto Express here!

What are the benefits of having xDrive technology?


ü  Provides better acceleration

ü  Helps with traction and towing

ü  Improves dry and winter handling

ü  Offers peace of mind for any certain weather conditions.

ü  It’s a modern technology replacing the two-wheel drive technology in new cars.

ü  It offers higher resale value than two-wheel drive cars.

ü  Its proven, rugged technology


Is it good for winter adventure?

Certainly! As the speed begins to slow down or up, BMW’s xDrive technology maintains the speed rather than gathers it and brings everything fully under your control without any doubt. The xDrive can easily cope with a typical British winter and is suitable for many different road types. Its worth mentioning the XDrive has proved subtly fantastic on the sodden autobahns and slushy twists and turns of the Fernpass, with the added safety and blanket of superior traction. BMW’s powerful Hill descend control supports the all-wheel drive system perfectly and automatically maintains the optimum speed required on steep downhill drives. So it makes it easier for the driver to concentrate fully on steering as easy as that!

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