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BMW And Mercedes Standardise Cars To Help Buyers

Prestigious German car makers BMW and Mercedes have decided to standardise the options on their cars in order to simplify and reduce the amount of choice which is available. However for those who enjoy choosing from the complex list of options, there will still be the option to create a bespoke car if they want.

Mercedes & BMW Lease Cars Set To Become Standardised

Up until now there have been huge lists to choose from when choosing a new Mercedes or BMW lease car, with everything from model variants, multimedia features and safety technology all offering different options, which can put buyers off if they feel confused or don’t feel they are 100% sure of what they are buying.

BMW are starting this with their latest range of cars, with the new 4-series coupe was being offered with four different trims, and the i8 hybrid sports car was being offered in only three packages of options.

"We have packaged a number of trim levels to help the customer and ourselves, because the complexity was very high. A clearly understandable package was the M sport package," says Ian Robertson, BMW board member responsible for marketing, referring to cars equipped with the performance luxury trim which comes with more elaborate bumpers and spoilers as well as top of the line engines.

Standardising also helps when they come to the second-hand value of the car, as each will be much more comparable. This also affects any BMW lease options which are available for the car, helping to make the rates more predictable.

"It helps customers with understanding what is available, that also helps with the residual values of the car and therefore the leasing rates," Robertson explained.

The move also helps the company to address specific habits or requirements which differ between countries. For example in Germany cars are often made to order, whereas in America they are nearly always made and put into a showroom ready for a customer to drive it away. This approach allows them to cater for both of these markets more efficiently.

Some people however only choose these types of cars because of the level of detail they can go into when buying it. Both BMW and Mercedes will continue you to provide this option. Mercedes new approach is to provide a person who can explain and demonstrate their new technology so the buyer knows what they are getting and how to use it.

"We now have a product concierge, comparable to a product genius in an Apple computer store. Their only job is to help customers understand the car before buying it, to take care of them during delivery, and to be available for customers after the sale," Kaellenius said, adding this would be one person.

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