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The most bizarre driving laws in place around the world

Not letting your dog hang out of the window and risking prosecution if you sleep in a stationary car while drunk are some of the more left-field regulations in the UK.

But at least they make sense. The list of bizarre motoring restrictions in other countries are enough to shunt your brain into reverse.

Unfortunately, not all are true. For instance, driving a black car in Denver, Colorado, on a Sunday is not in fact frowned upon by the authorities.

However, there are some other whacky ‘rules of the road’ that reassure you the UK versions are sensible after all.

Graham Conway, Managing Director at Select Car Leasing, said: 

“Most drivers moan at some point or other about motoring laws. Not being able to eat a chocolate bar while behind the wheel or having to keep music at a reasonable volume so it doesn’t distract you – both which are covered by the Highway Code – may be ones that grind your gears."

“There are also obvious rules such as speeding and drink-driving that clearly help keep people safe. But this list of regulations from other countries show how crackers driving laws can be.”

Denmark – You must check for children hiding under the car before setting off

Ahead of any road journey, Danish drivers are required to look underneath their vehicles before driving off. This law is said to protect workers using a manhole as well as kids who enjoy playing hide and seek.

United States – It's illegal to buff or dry your car using underpants

This San Francisco law only applies to commercial vehicles so private car owners can freely employ their boxer shorts or thongs to achieve a good shine. And it’s only used underwear, which is probably more for reasons of decency than anything else.

Finland – Motorists must have their headlights on 24/7

Even if it's a bright sunny day and they’re wearing sunglasses to avoid the glare, Finish drivers must have their headlights on at all times. The law is a result of their long winter periods where there is no daylight for weeks on end.

Russia & Belarus - You can be fined for having a dirty car

Keeping any vehicle clean and tidy makes sense so it runs efficiently and is more pleasant to drive. But in some Eastern European countries this is taken a step further, as you could be landed with a hefty fine for having a filthy automobile.

The Philippines – You can only drive on certain days due to your reg plate

This seemingly bizarre scheme is to prevent heavy traffic building up in the capital Manilla and uses the last digit of the licence plate to impose restrictions. For example, those ending in a 1 or a 2 are banned from driving in Metro Manilla on a Monday.

Thailand – It’s illegal to drive topless

Stripping off on hot days might seem a perfectly reasonable thing to do, but not in Thailand where it could land you in trouble with the law. It’s applicable to both men and women, and even covers those on bicycles, mopeds and tuk-tuks.

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Tuesday, 10/05/2022