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Revised new BMW M135i xDrive boasts even more performance

BMW’s much-loved pocket rocket, the M135i xDrive, has been revised to provide more thrills than ever before.

New BMW M135i xDrive 1

There are re-tuned springs and dampers, precise tweaks to the chassis and an optimised soundtrack to take the ‘performance up another notch’, say BMW.

And the German firm has even uprated the paint that’s used on the exterior, offering a 'high-impact' look as well as three new shades - Sao Paulo Yellow, Frozen Orange and Frozen Pure Grey.

The power on tap remains the same as with the outgoing M135i.

New BMW M135i xDrive 2

A 2.0 litre, four cylinder, turbocharged engine provides 306 hp and a 0-62mph time of just 4.8 seconds.

But what’s new about the set up here is in the way that power is harnessed.

A BMW spokesperson explains:

“Detailed set-up modifications for the bespoke chassis technology result in even better mounting, ensuring precisely controllable driving characteristics even when pushing hard on the track. The optimised traction enables drivers to explore the car’s performance limits with confidence, especially when cornering at extremely high speeds.”

New BMW M135i xDrive 3

The camber values for the front wheels of the BMW M135i xDrive have been increased to optimise absorption of lateral forces when powering through corners.

A new ‘hydromount’ has additionally been used to attach the front suspension wishbones, while the mounts for the trailing and control arms at the rear axle have also been redesigned.

At the same time, the spring and damping systems have undergone recalibration. The result is a significant improvement in roll behaviour in corners, which has a further beneficial effect on steering feel when you’ve got your foot down.

New BMW M135i xDrive 4

Overall, BMW says, the result is a ‘flawlessly composed package for a richly engaging drive’.

The compact BMW M model comes as standard with near-actuator wheel slip limitation integrated into the engine control unit. In layman’s terms, what you get is better traction when you’re trying to pull away or when you’re tearing it up on slippery surfaces.

To really make sure the hot-hatch sticks to the Tarmac, the BMW M135i xDrive also benefits from a mechanical limited-slip differential at the front axle, which is capable of transferring extra torque to the front wheel for optimised grip, as and when required.

Lease customers will also get specially tuned M Sport steering and powerful M Sport brakes as standard, as well as 18-inch alloys.

BMW is also promising a ‘dramatic acoustic experience in the cabin’. That comes courtesy of a twin-tailpipe exhaust system, the noise of which is amplified through the audio system’s speakers.

Perhaps even more remarkable is the fact that you can still get up to 38.7 mpg despite all of that face-melting track prowess, which means the M135i xDrive is very much an everyday

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