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Bentley Bentayga: Full Details Revealed

Bentley have revealed their highly-anticipated Bentayga model in it’s full glory ahead of it’s official debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show later this month.

The Bentayga will join vehicles such as the Porsche Cayenne, Jaguar F-Pace and many other vehicles as they joust for the title of most popular luxury SUV. And with no clear leader in that market at the moment, there is a strong chance that Bentley could provide some exciting and fresh impetus, after all the Bentley marque still carries considerable weight in this industry.

Symbolic of luxury, prestige and comfort the Bentayga – despite a poor reception to it’s puzzling name – is likely to prove very popular with those looking for an SUV that really stands out. There is certainly demand for a car of it’s calibre, and as the first SUV offered by the manufacturer, there is very little for it to compare against within the company, meaning it’s increasingly hard to see a difficult future for the vehicle.

Bentley have big plans for the Bentayga with blueprints in place to introduce more versions with a range of seating options and even a hybrid model on the horizon.

The current trims include; Sport, Bentley, Custom and Comfort as well as an extensive range of options the Bentley’s sheer size means that it’s a vehicle that can clearly be tailored to your specific needs. Bentley’s bold claims about this vehicle as “the most luxurious SUV in the world” may not be overly optimistic.

It’s engines also sit it towards the top of the sector with a whopping 12-cylinder W12 engine that delivers a staggering 600bhp translating to a 0-60 time of just 4.0 seconds and a top speed of 187mph. Not lacking for power, this obviously means that economy in the standard models will not quite be as strong but an mpg of 22.1 isn’t bad in comparison with CO2’s sitting at 292g/km it’s expected to reach a range of 370miles.


The interior is typically lavishly styled with Bentley delivering a 8” touchscreen and the option of a 10.2-inch tablet for the backseats. The car’s sheer size (5141mm long, 2223mm wide and 1742mm high) makes height and legroom exceptionally accommodating and much like the rest of the car there are a whole host of interior options to make it completely unique to you. The car has a standard panoramic roof – of a different class to what many will be used to – and has it’s own 4G Wifi. The boot will be sufficient for most with a limit of of 85-litres, but also an option to fold down the rear seats.


The Bentayga’s arrival next year will only become more anticipated as the day goes by with it's distinctive styling likely to only prove popular over time, Bentley have much to be optimistic about when the first SUV lands.

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