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What we like: Audi Virtual Cockpit

Sometimes there are things that make it onto our desk that really stand out. As of today, we'll be starting a new weekly feature where we examine some of the hottest and most exciting arrivals in the motoring world. We're starting with one of the biggest in-car technology developments, the Audi Virtual Cockpit.

An extremely acclaimed and finely designed piece of motoring kit - Audi Virtual Cockpit has been credited with changing the in-car technology game. A system introduced in 2015 in a selection of Audi models is now almost a mainstay for drivers of the famous German marque's vehicles. Virtual Cockpit includes a high resolution screen behind the steering wheel, and offers two dwo different modes – Classic Mode and Infotainment Mode. Although, drivers of the R8 and ‘S’ versions of the A4 and TT will also get ‘Sport Mode’ which is geared a little more towards the performance side of things. 


Looking for your new car? Trying to decide which features are important to you? With the proliferation of add-ons & options in new cars, it can be difficult to work out what benefits each will bring you. When it comes to technology especially, there is often a lot of “industry-speak” that can complicate matters further. Audi are able to boast one of the best in-car technology systems with ‘Audi Virtual Cockpit’ – their flagship feature which doubles up as both an infotainment screen, media service and navigation tool.

There are four key areas of Audi Virtual Cockpit, each providing their own varied features: 

Driving Information

This is all your basic day-to-day route info. It covers the key points that you’d expect from a conventional instrument panel, such as fuel consumption & mileage, rev counter, speedometer dials and a network of various driver assistance systems. Its not just a simple fuel tank calculator though, Audi’s added on plenty of in-depth features to cover every detail of your driving.

Media & on-demand updates

This has been championed as a huge growth area for Audi, with plenty of additional tech options introduced for the Virtual Cockpit. Music and smartphone connectivity are among the areas that have been enhanced. This area can also be used to work with  ‘Audi Connect’ which can provide real-time traffic and weather updates


A big part of any modern car, Audi have gone all-out with their communication options. This area is responsible for your Bluetooth connectivity, handling calls, SMS and other features. Its also the part of Virtual Cockpit that links up with Email & Social Media channels.


Invariably the most useful tool for drivers, Audi Virtual Cockpit has a ‘Navigation’ section which links up with Audi Connect & Google Maps to provide real-time updates. Doing away with all your extra sat-nav costs, Audi Virtual Cockpit rolls this all into one and gives you 3D Mapping, satellite images and voice recognition. Its been heralded as one of the best Navigation tools you can get your hands on & it links in nicely with that smartphone connectivity we mentioned earlier.

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