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Apple And Google Ready For War Over In Car Technology

The war between Google and Apple has become one of the biggest fights between two global brands in many years. After beginning with just every day technology like phones, music players and a humble search engine, the two companies are heading towards battle in every other aspect of our life including the clothes we wear and now the cars we drive. This inter-connectivity is only set to continue – but what is really going to change?

Internet Connected Cars Could Provide Business Car Leasing Benefits

Apple has thrown the first punch in the war on wheels with its ‘CarPlay’ system, launched at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show. The system will be offered by the like of Ferrari, Mercedes and Volvo, as well as around another 15 initial manufactures. It will introduce many things Apple customers are used to like maps and iTunes, except with more functions and usability.

Google have just announced their version called Android Auto, which will have many of the same features as the Apple version including Spotify and other streaming apps, with voice recognition so that drivers never need to take their hands off the wheel.

With the car set to become the next digital frontier, the choice that major car makers choose when deciding which system to incorporate could have a huge impact on their sales. But with the current market split fairly evenly between Apple and Google, picking one or the other could cut their potential market in half.

Ford is one company who have recognised this issue, and so has painted itself as ‘device agnostic’. “The lifecycle of a car is much longer than a smartphone’s,” says Ford’s director of connected services, Jo Beiser. “We’ll work with a number of systems; we’re not gambling on one tech.”

For Ferrari, CarPlay is a natural fit – some 90% of its customers are already Apple users, making the decision easy. Another issue is how fast the technology will evolve, many people own a car for 5 years or more, by which time the in car gadgets could have become all but obsolete. However these systems will be connected to the internet, so it will only be the hardware which cannot be updated.

This new technology could be a benefit to business car leasing, as it will allow more information to be collected on what the car is doing and where it has been. Some drivers may feel this as a breach of their rights, but it could be a helpful tool for business car leasing operators and insurance companies. The connectivity between people may also be of help, particularly fleets which need to communicate with each other regularly.

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