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Electric Volkswagen ID Buzz Cargo van revealed

The production-ready Volkswagen ID Buzz Cargo has been revealed and it’s an all-electric van that’s putting practicality and style on equal footing.

Teased and previewed for months by Volkswagen, the pure electric nature of the ID Buzz Cargo shouldn’t come as a surprise, especially as it rides on the same ‘MEB’ platform that underpins the Volkswagen ID 3, Skoda Enyaq iV and Audi Q4 e-tron electric cars.

Electric Power

Sandwiched under the floor of the ID Buzz Cargo will be a 77kWh battery pack paired with a 201hp electric motor that drives the rear wheels. Volkswagen hasn’t released any range expectations, but the same battery pack can drive the Volkswagen ID 4 for 317 miles.

Recharging should be easy; the ID Buzz Cargo will plug into a home charger for overnight charging, but can also access rapid chargers with power transfer rates of up to 170kW. While few and far between, they would allow the Buzz to be topped up from 5% battery level to 80% in as little as 30 minutes.

Compatible charging posts will also offer a seamless experience, with the van able to communicate directly with the network and arrange payments. The ‘Plug & Charge’ function is a feature for the future and could be one of many additions to the van made thanks to remote over-the-air software updates.

With an optional DC bi-directional wall box, it will even be possible to use the Buzz to power your home. Unneeded energy can be fed from the battery pack to the home, reducing the load on the grid and reliance on expensive peak-rate electricity. Once the peak rates have passed, the Buzz can then use cheaper off-peak power to recharge its battery packs. There’s also the considerable benefit of being able to use the van as a backup supply in the event of a power cut.

Form and Function

The design work on the ID Buzz harks back to the original T1, with its iconic V-shaped front panel between the LED headlights reminiscent of the classic vehicle. It’s taken on a retro vibe but, at the same time, looks pleasingly futuristic. 

Owner-operators and small businesses will benefit simply from standing out from the crowd, with careful colour combinations (including optional two-tone choices) and design touches creating a unique aesthetic.

“The T1 – an icon of the 1950s – enabled people to gain mobility and freedom. With the ID. Buzz, we are transferring this T1 DNA to the present day and thus into the era of electric mobility,” explains Jozef Kabaň, Head of Volkswagen Design.
“The ID. Buzz brings a lot of sympathy and proximity to people back to the road. In the T1 you are practically sitting on top of the front axle – there’s no front overhang. For all its safety relevance and technology, the ID. Buzz has super short overhangs. The ID. Buzz is timeless, sustainable and yet also extremely functional – that makes it unique.”

Despite its styling similarities to the classic T1, the Buzz Cargo is built for efficiency, with function closely following form. A drag coefficient of 0.285-0.29 allows the ID Buzz to cut through the air more cleanly than most cars, reducing energy consumption and increasing range.

Payload and Towing

While the ID Buzz Cargo is a relatively compact van, measuring just 4,712mm long, the long wheelbase and clever battery packaging means that there’s plenty of room inside. The load area will take 3.9m3 of cargo, with enough floor space for two Euro pallets. If mass rather than volume is important, expect a maximum payload capacity of 650kg.

Those that need to tow will be happier than with many electric rivals; the ID Buzz Cargo will pull a one-tonne trailer along, which is competitive for an electric vehicle.

ID Buzz Cargo Availability

Production of the Volkswagen ID Buzz Cargo will begin in Hannover ahead of the first deliveries in the Autumn of this year. Order books are expected to open in May, although there’s no firm news on pricing just yet. Cash prices are likely to start above £50,000, but depreciation is expected to be extremely low, which bodes well for some affordable leasing rates.

leasing rates.

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