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Electric van sets Guinness World Record with 311-mile journey on a single charge

If you’ve ever wondered just how far you can get on a single charge in an electric van, a new Guinness World Record will give you the answer. Webfleet — a fleet management solution provider that's part of Bridgestone —was able to extract 311.18 miles from an all-electric Fiat E-Scudo panel van.

Kevin Booker, Sam Clarke, and Fergal McGrath set the world record in a standard E-Scudo electric van fitted with Bridgestone's energy-efficient Duravis tyres. The tyre's low rolling resistance, aiding economy, was an important component in the world record attempt.

The achievement was confirmed using GPS data, odometer readings, video footage and battery level information. With a 75kWh battery, the compact E-Scudo has an official range of 205 miles, but during the carefully managed record attempt, it recorded an efficiency of 4.5 miles per kWh. This was recorded around a circular route, taking in both urban and rural roads through Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire and Lincolnshire, over a journey lasting 13 hours and nine minutes.

"We’re thrilled to have become a Guinness World Record title holder,” 

Webfleet Regional Director for Bridgestone Mobility Solutions, Beverley Wise, remarked. 

“The previous record of 258.85 miles was set in the US; bringing it to the UK is symbolic of our nationwide commitment to become a global leader in e-mobility. The record demonstrates not only the capabilities of electric vans and advanced Bridgestone tyre technology for businesses and urban mobility but also the impact that drivers can have on electric vehicle energy consumption."

Fiat UK managing director, Damien Dally, said: 

"We are delighted that the Fiat E-Scudo has registered its first ever Guinness World Records title, and an impressive one at that, as the furthest distance ever travelled by a van on a single charge. E-Scudo already has a range of 205 miles, which is perfect for businesses wanting to make the switch to electric, and this shows when driven efficiently just how much further the van can go beyond its WLTP range."

For two-thirds of the record-breaking team, McGrath and Booker, this wasn’t the first bid for the record books. McGrath holds six driving-related Guinness World Records titles, and Booker four, having previously set records for fuel economy in petrol and diesel vehicles, as well as energy consumption in electric cars.

"The reduction of carbon emissions and improvement of air quality are among the highest priorities for governments all over the world, especially in cities where air pollution is the worst,”

 said McGrath.

“Trucks and vans are predominantly powered by diesel, and so it is important that the transition to pure electric with zero tailpipe emissions is as smooth as possible. By achieving this Guinness World Records title, we are hoping to demonstrate that pure electric commercial vehicles can meet and exceed customer requirements in the real world, especially in large towns and cities."

The record attempt was also supported by the AA, which, to the delight of its president Edmund King OBE, played a role in the official adjudication and provided EV support services. 

"A huge well done to the Webfleet team for achieving the Guinness World Records title and showing us what’s possible in terms of EV range and how drivers can impact range,” said King. 
"The achievement is all the more impressive being conducted in a van. We know range anxiety is a concern for some drivers, so demonstrating how far electric vehicles can run on one charge is hugely positive.”

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