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Volkswagen reveal dazzling GTE Concept

Volkswagen shocked the Worthesee regulars with the reveal of the GTE after already providing an enticing glimpse to lucky show-goers of the all-new GTI.

However, the vehicle was somewhat eclipsed by the dazzling verve of the GTE. A vehicle revealed firmly as a concept has already whipped up a frenzy in the industry with many fans demanding for more information, or atleast for VW’s management to wave it into production.

This is undoubtedly down to the simply stunning stats that VW have spoken of when it comes to the GTE. The fervour surrounding the GTE undoubtedly comes in the form of the monstrous 395bhp petrol-electric hybrid engine. The 1.6-litre petrol engine is fully turbo and in fact the same used in VW’s Polo Rally Vehicle. Two electric motors deliver 113bhp, bringing the overall power up to that incredible 395bhp and torque to a startling 670Nm.

This is all well and good but how does it translate? Well, you’ll be glad you asked as early estimations from VW suggest a top-speed of 174mph with 0-62mph attainable in as little as 4.3 seconds. MPG should challenge figures of 141 and there's an all-electric range of 31 miles.

The styling of the GTE is typically concept, would there be a vehicle that could look like this? Chunky carbon-fibre styling and big, imposing wheels make the GTE Concept an eye-catching number.

Inside, it’s like a fighter- jet. The steering wheel, in particular looks more like something you’d expect to see at 10,000 feet rather than back on solid ground. Sporty “bucket” seats will also feature.

Unfortuneatly, it seems highly unlikely this hair-raising vehicle will feature any time soon, if it all. However, you could see many features that have proved popular featuring in VW models in the future. Keep your eyes peeled.

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