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TV Car Wind Tunnel Quiz

Many cars, especially those designed and manufactured in the modern era, are put through strict, rigorous testing before they are released to the public. 

One of the most important tests involves checking how aerodynamic the car is. This is carried out by placing the car in a wind tunnel and then white smoke is blown towards the car, so the key parts that impact aerodynamism are clearly visible to the naked eye. It forms a crucial part of the production process to understand if the car is optimal in its design and shape.

One of the things that makes cars iconic is their extremely distinct shapes, especially those known in pop culture – and that’s clearly evident during aerodynamic testing. That got us thinking, just how distinctive are some of the world's famous cars? And would it be possible to identify a car in a wind tunnel using just the outline of the smoke alone?

We've chosen 10 of the of the most iconic TV cars and put them through our unique virtual wind tunnel. When you’re first presented with one of our 10 cars, you’ll be asked which car you’re looking at. The catch? – the car will be invisible. Your clue to guess the car is the outline of the smoke sweeping across the screen. When you select your answer, the car in the wind tunnel will then appear to let you know if you have made the correct choice.

You can try our mobile version above, or give yourself the best chance of success with our full screen version here

Keep an eye out for a special easter egg at the end - the only clue we can give you is "watch out for the helicopter!"

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