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How to transform your parked-car into a temporary office

THIS is how you can turn your parked-up car into a temporary office if isolating in the house is driving you up the wall.

Cramped families forced to stay at home during the coronavirus lockdown can now transform their vehicles into substitute places of business.

That means under-pressure workers can continue to function away from the office without unwanted interruptions.

Easy-to-attach desks that latch onto the steering wheel can instantly make a motor into a working hub – and they are available online for under a tenner.

Since the Covid-19 health crisis started to spread to these shores, millions of desk-bound Brits have been forced to find a suitable working environment within their own four walls.

But with educational establishments having closed and children currently being home-schooled instead, precious space in the average family dwelling is limited.

Mark Tongue, director of leading UK vehicle leasing firm Select Car Leasing, says stationary cars can come in handy during these testing times.

“We are seeing on social media quite a few people transforming vehicles that are parked up on the driveway into working-from-home sanctuaries, “ he said.

“It seems to be an especially handy option for those who need quiet time for a conference call without the kids screaming in the background.

“Workers trying to focus on pressing deadlines can also hop in their cars and get on with the job in peace.

“You might not be using your car as often on the road, but it can still be a very useful commodity to you in ways you may never have imagined before.

“Even if you aren’t currently working, the car can offer a peaceful chill-out space away from the commotion indoors.”

Swedish car giant Volvo could boast they were ahead of the game when they unveiled their 360c model in 2018.

The self-driving concept electric car cast a glimpse into the future of driverless motors.

With neither combustion engine or steering wheel required, there is plenty of space for working in comfort, socialising or even sleeping.

More achievable options for the car-office hack include fitting a printer in your glovebox and using the boot as a filing cabinet.

There is also the potential to add a power inverter to charge laptops and mobile phones, and create your own in-car Wifi hotspot by the use of affordable signal boosters.

It’s not just work that can benefit from using your car just for travelling – your mental health can get a boost, too.

Psychotherapist Lohani Noor is recommending her housebound clients struggling for space go to their vehicle for therapy sessions.

She said: “I’m actively encouraging people to think of all their resources during this very stressful time, and one of the best for privacy and downtime is your car or van.

“If you’ve got a vehicle you have got space outside your house to get some privacy.

“The car is a really big mental health resource right now."

But if you’re the owner of a diesel vehicle, be warned that simply leaving it on the drive during the lockdown is a bad and potentially costly idea.

Earlier this week Select Car Leasing revealed that without giving a diesel vehicle a long run out it could suffer a failure of the Diesel Particulate Filter – or DPF – which is fitted to cut emissions. The bill for correcting the problem could set motorists back £100. Take a look at that article here: https://www.selectcarleasing.co.uk/news/article/dpf-dangers-of-lockdown/

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