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The Rising Trend of Business Car Leasing Continues

In 2013 many small and medium sized businesses as well as larger companies began taking advantage of the great business car leasing deals which have become available during the year, and figures have shown that the trend has continued throughout 2014.

Business Car Leasing Growing Among SME’s

Choosing car leasing for their business provides a number of benefits to their employees, allowing them to have new and reliable cars without the financial or budget concerns which come with buying brand new vehicles.

“With the recession buckling and the green shoot of recovery happening business is bouncing back but business owners are looking at all aspect to save money and keep cash flow up car leasing is ideal for this purpose and that is what is given to the continued rise” says one UK car leasing company.

The financial loss which occurs from owning the cars is something which has always been an issue for many smaller businesses, but by leasing they can avoid these costs, especially as the leasing market has grown to the point where there are some great deals available.

Monthly business car leasing rates are cheaper than monthly finance repayments, by as much as 55%. Also the deposit required is likely to be small, often the equivalent of three monthly payments, making it much easier for companies. Another benefit is that cars are likely to be under warranty for the duration of the lease period, so maintenance and breakdown is covered by the leasing company.

Another factor which has been behind the great migration towards business car leasing has been the fact that vehicle expenses are tax deductable, meaning that 20% of the price can be claimed back for each car every year. This saving alone has made business car leasing a serious option for many more companies who would never have considered it before.

This increasing trend to lease rather than buy vehicles means that there are now better offers available which include more features and extra than ever before, with the option to exchange for a newer model at the end of the contract if they wish.

Business Car Leasing

The Best Business Car Leasing Deals At Select Contracts

At Select Contracts we provide complete personal and business car leasing services for every make or model available today. All our vehicles come with free UK delivery from our national network of dealers and vehicle preparation centres.

For more information on any of our cars or car leasing services, please get in contact with us by emailing info@selectcontracts.co.uk or call 0845 6770 770.

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