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Can you react quicker than a Tesla? - Our new interactive game

At Select Car Leasing we’ve created an interactive mini-game to see if you can beat the reaction time of Tesla’s world-famous Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) system! The game places you in the driving seat of a Tesla. Your job is to watch out for the hazard and stop the car as soon as possible once you see it! You can start the game by clicking here.

How to Play?

• Click the button to begin your journey!

• You're in a Tesla with its Autopilot and AEB disabled

• Use any key (press on mobile) anytime you see a hazard to stop the car

• At some point during the journey a hazard will appear - your reaction time to that hazard will be compared to the average reaction time of Tesla's AEB System (0.3 seconds)

• Remember to watch for distractions along the way


AEB – What is it and how does it work?

Since Elon Musk and Tesla released the first iteration of the AEB system back in 2017, it’s been met with a huge amount of acclaim. The system is powered by Tesla’s Autopilot technology and is designed to detect objects that may potentially impact the car and automatically apply the brakes to ensure the vehicle doesn’t crash.

There have been many viral videos and moments shared online showing the AEB system saving the occupants of a Tesla from a collision. One of the most notable was in February 2020 when, due to Storm Dennis hitting parts of the UK, a giant oak tree fell in the middle of a busy road in Dorset, southwest England.

As the tree fell, a Tesla Model X was passing equipped with Autopilot. Luckily for the driver, the AEB kicked in and stopped the car with the tree landing on the bonnet – just shy of the driver’s windscreen. 

The driver subsequently credited the Tesla for saving him and his family’s life as he wouldn’t have been able to react in time and stop the car himself.

How We Calculated The Reaction Time

Tesla tends to keep its cards close to its chest and hasn’t released official information on the exact reaction time of its AEB system. To get the best estimate on the reaction time of the AEB, we carefully selected 10 viral clips of the AEB in action, slowed each clip down and analysed how fast the Tesla was to react to the hazard on a frame by frame basis. 

Our research showed the average time of the AEB in those clips was 0.3 seconds, that’s faster than it takes Usain Bolt to run 11m, a sky diver to fall 40m and an indicator to flash. Think you’ve got what it takes? Try your luck – take on the Tesla and see if your reactions beat one of the world’s fastest braking technologies: www.selectcarleasing.co.uk/tesla-reaction-game/

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