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Sainsbury is set to become the first supermarket to jump-start the network of Hydrogen re-fuelling stations

Sainsbury’s is set to become the first supermarket to jump-start the network of Hydrogen re-fuelling stations which are planned to be scattered across London.

The British super-market giant has grabbed headlines with their staggering commitment to what continues to be a rapidly growing source of alternative fuel. The government have begun a number of initiatives to encourage a greener attitude from road-users and in truth many diesel motorists are now deciding to finally pack-up their unhealthy motors.

The fuelling station is not expected to be bustling with occupants, not yet anyway, but it will offer a greater incentive for those considering taking up this revolutionary project. Previously one of the main detractors for those looking towards a more environmentally friendly option has been the minimal amount of stations and the remote locations that the few built reside in. Packed away in industrial estates, they have not traditionally erred on the side of convenience but the winds of change could be in the air with this latest announcement from one of Britain’s most famous supermarkets.

Cars such as the Toyota Mirai (pictured above) are giving motorists a chance to see the potential of hydrogen fuel, and manufacturers such as Toyota and Mercedes have begun to make serious waves when it comes to encouraging fuel-efficiency from their customers.

Moving in at Sainsbury’s branch in Hendon, North London the station offers a glimpse of the future to hydrogen-car advocates. Accessibility will be key not only in the hydrogen revolution, but in all forms of alternative fuel, and the first mountain to scale will be competing with the petrol stations that have become so deeply-rooted in the DNA of our towns and cities.

The system will be operated by AirProducts, delivering hydrogen at high-pressure levels it will take less than three minutes to fill-up and is a huge step for Sainsburys and AirProducts.

It’s certainly an exciting time to be a motoring-fanatic and we frankly can’t wait to see how the next few years are shaped - alternative fuels such as Hydrogen look primed to play a big part and Sainsbury's could be looking back with pride on this endeavour sooner than you might think.

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