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Polestar confirms Precept is going into production


  • Polestar confirms the ‘Precept’ concept car is going to be developed.
  • Set to become the world’s greenest car, built on firm’s ‘sustainability ambitions’.
  • Will feature an interior fashioned from recycled plastic bottles, reclaimed fishing nets and repurposed cork vinyl.
  • No details yet on powertrain, but if it’s anything like the recently-revealed Polestar 2, iperformance should be breath-taking.

Say hello to what’s set to be the world’s most environmentally-friendly car - the Polestar Precept.

And having previously been unveiled as a concept vehicle, Polestar has this week confirmed that their eye-opening four-seat electric GT will be put into full-blown production.

In case you’re not aware of the Polestar brand, it’s a forward-thinking firm jointly owned by Sweden’s Volvo Car Group and China’s Zhejiang Geely Holding.

Since 2017 Polestar have been quietly revolutionising the way we think about electrified cars.

Their first effort, the Polestar 1, was a Hybrid GT with a staggering 609 hp on tap. The fastback Polestar 2, due to hit UK roads imminently, is a £47,000 rival to the Tesla 3, with 408 hp, a 0-60mph time of just 4.7 seconds, and which has a range of 292 miles on a full charge.

And with a Polestar 3 also waiting in the wings for 2021, in steps the Precept.

This is a model that started life as a ‘manifesto to illustrate the brand’s future vision and was described as a commitment car, not a concept car’, according to Polestar.

So far information about the Precept is limited at best, with no details about potential powertrains or cost.

But if it’s anything like the Polestar 1 or Polestar, you can expect it to get down the road in a hurry.

And one of the big appeals about the Precept is in the use of innovative sustainable materials, inside and out, to make it as carbon neutral as is humanly possible to do.

Thomas Ingenlath, Polestar CEO, said: “‘Stunning. Spectacular. Cutting-edge. We’d like to see it on the road!’ – this is what the press wrote about Precept and the public said, ‘We want it’, so we decided to build it. Consumers want to see change from this industry – not just dreams. Now, Precept becomes an even stronger statement. We are committed to reduce the environmental impact of our cars and our business. The aim has to be climate neutrality, even though I recognise that is a long-term goal.”

The interior of Polestar Precept features a mix of sustainable materials including recycled PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottles, reclaimed fishing nets and recycled cork vinyl.

A flax-based composite developed by external partner Bcomp Ltd is featured in many interior and some exterior parts.

And Polestar’s ambition is to bring much of this sustainability into production.

The Precept is set to be produced in China at a brand new facility - described as ‘one of the most intelligent and connected automotive production facilities in the world.’

Ingenlath adds: “China is a home market for Polestar and we recognise the increasingly important drive for greater sustainability here. With this new factory, we will again raise the bar, aiming to produce the most advanced and premium electric car in China with the lowest carbon footprint.”

A quick glance at the Polestar website proves that orders placed now for the Polestar 2 will arrive by January 2021 - which proves the firm isn’t messing around in getting cars to customers.

From hereon in, it’s very much a case of watch this space…

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