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Mercedes reveal 2016 E-Class

Mercedes have released new images on the new 2016 Mercedes E-Class. With fresh updates being applied to some of Mercedes' other models including the 'World Car of the Year' the C-Class and the high-class executive S-Class, its almost no surprise that Mercedes have decided to improve the E-Class which had a design beginning to look a little outdated among the other executive saloons.

The Saloon will arrive first in 2016 but it wont be long before Mercedes have revamped the entire E-Class range with a two-door coupe and convertible version landing in 2017.

The E-Class through the ages has proved to be Mercedes most popular ever car, racking up an unrivalled 13m sales its a vehicle that oozes luxury, class and prestige. Renoun the world over, the newly updated E-Class is only likely to build upon those impressive figures when it is released at the tail-end of next year. Though those with their finger on the pulse will have the opportunity to get a good look at the newly formed vehicle a lot earlier when its wheeled out at the annual Detroit Motor Show in January.

Taking on a design structure similar to that of the new S-Class, the E-Class has certainly changed its image after the last models perceived bulky frame. While this vehicle will still have an obvious road presence it's edges are a lot smoother and the design a lot more sleek. This isn't surprising when you find the vehicle will actually be atleast 100kg lighter than its outgoing version and will also be both wider and longer. The lights will also be given a more striking LED design to freshen up the vehicles famous look. We will have to wait to get a proper look at the E-Class' interior but its clear it will likely be brimming with the same kind of high-technology that the E-Class has become universally famous for.

Early suggestions are that Mercedes are likely to have a complete overhaul of their engine range. While economy and effiency are expect to take a precedence for the E-Class, thats not saying there won't be a significant amount of power available which could hit upto 600bhp and the most ferocious engine could be the first glimpse of the seriously quick 4.0-litre twin turbo V8. While the E-Class' engines are expected to start relatively mellow, Mercedes are likely to have their full blistering range on offer by the end of 2017.

Possibly the most exciting development for the new E-Class will be its Intelligent Driving Technology. Many of you may be familiar of what this exactly is, but its essentially Mercedes' 'autonomous driving' equipment that will, among other things, be able to drive itself in certain locations & distances as well as having the ability to slow or increase your speed depending upon speed cameras and conditions. This doesn't mean you can just sit back though, even when autonomous driving kicks in; hands must be kept on the steering wheel at all times. This is done by a system of sensors & cameras which digitally map your surroundings; including anything on the road and other drivers. 

Of course, being a modern Mercedes, the technology for the E-Class doesn't quite finish there with 'Digital Car Key' also on offer. It is just the latest introduction in Smartphone technology for Mercedes vehicles with the feature allowing you to use your smartphone to lock/unlock the car at your discretion (within a certain range). Other technology features include Active Brake Assist and Evasive Steering which will be newly improved and among a host of other abilities will primarily offer warnings of any potential dangers, accidents or collisions and work together to try and provent them. 


With safety features being the name of the game on many modern vehicles Mercedes have also been quick to declare their new PRE-SAFE Impulse side and we don't expect this to be the only addition in this department. Mercedes' E-Class will of course be successful but early design and engines suggest it could be one of the best models released by the manufacturer yet.

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