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First Mercedes Electric Car set for 2015

The first fully-electric Mercedes vehicle is to debut in the UK next year.  The all-new B-Class will be packed with DriveTrain technology – a system spearheaded by Tesla that will feature in the latest electric car to cause a ripple in the market.

PR Manager Angus Fitton was quoted as saying: “Previously the technology has only been in development cars, so this is the first volume production Mercedes car electric car”

“It also marks the tie-up with Tesla, so the batteries, electric motor and the electronics that go with it and modulate it all are all Tesla’s’’

An association with the world’s most famous electric car manufacturer is unlikely to do Mercedes any harm. Mercedes could hardly have picked a better fantastic partner when making your initial forays into the electric market.

Recently, news has filtered that electric car sales are making a sharp rise, and Mercedes will be looking to capitalise on this in 2015. The 5,000 plug-in car grant – much famed for its contribution to cleaner roads - will be employed, allowing the car to act as an attractive proposition to families looking to go green.

So how much charge-time can you realistically expect? Well, Mercedes have suggested that a range of upto 120 miles will be able to be covered between charges. A charge plan that should cater for a large proportion of UK motorists.

However, home charging solutions will NOT be included with the B-Class Electric Drive, meaning customers will have to source a charger that can be wall-mounted from an energy supplier of their choosing. The car will have a charging speed of 11 killowatts, requiring three hours to fill the 28kWh battery.

As it stands details are a little thin at the moment, but Mr Fitton went on to announce a few of the more finite features of the new-look B-Class: ‘’We’re looking at this being roughly the same as a B 200 CDI with the automatic gearbox, so if you live in an urban area there’s the choice’’ he went on to say ‘’There’s no sacrifice on boot space or versatility, and people are less willing to make sacrifices just because it’s an electric car’’


Despite some shortcomings, perhaps highlighted by the strength of the current electric car market – Mercedes will be hoping to cause a splash. And the reputable brand name goes a long way in the UK market. Watch this space.

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