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The latest Electric News from Select Car Leasing

We round up the latest news from the ever-changing world of electric. 

This time we cover; Renault Zoe being crowned ‘Electric Car of the Year’, VW’s ID 3 electric car, Tesla’s ambition for 500,000 car production Gigafactory in Germany, a new all-electric Volvo XC40, fresh software updates to the Jaguar I-Pace and the huge increase in EV registrations in November 2019

Renault Zoe - ‘Electric Car of the Year’

Experts at DrivingElectric.com have awarded the Renault ZOE the 'electric car of the year' accolade. As the world of electric vehicle technology enters its most exciting year to date, these awards acknowledge the highest prestige among pure-electric, plug-in hybrid and hybrid cars currently available for purchase.

The Renault ZOE is widely acknowledged for its affordability. However, as DrivingElectric’s Vicky Parrott points out; “The real joy of the new ZOE is that it has all the comforts – particularly the range and equipment – of a big electric car, in an affordable and compact package.

“Even with the influx of new rivals, it deserves to remain one of the most popular electric cars in the UK.”

What does VW’s ID 3 Electric Car sound like?

The almost soundless hum of many EV’s has led to regulations emerging in Europe and the US requiring electric cars to create a sound when traveling below certain speeds. This thereby ensures pedestrians are attentive to any electric vehicles maneuvering within close proximity to them.

Automakers, however, remain free to create their chosen sound for each particular vehicle.

Volkswagen recently publicly released the sound of their first electric car, the ID 3, with the futuristic connotations of electric cars being reflected well through their chosen sound.  Click here and experience the unique sound of the ID3.

Tesla sets target production for 500,000 cars per year at the German Gigafactory

Tesla boss Elon Musk has announced plans to create a new ‘Gigafactory 4’ vehicle factory in Germany. It’s chosen location is in close proximity to some of Tesla’s main competitors including the Volkswagen Group, Mercedes and BMW.

The German factory will account for the production of Model Y and Model 3 cars targeted for the market in Europe.

XC40 Recharge - Volvo's First Complete Electric Car Model 

The XC40 Recharge is Volvo’s first-ever release of a completely electric car model. Features include a driving range in excess of 249 miles on a single charge and power reserves of around 408hp.

The fast-charger system means the battery charge can reach an 80% capacity in only 40 minutes. Available in eight colours, this urban mini SUV is purported to reach 62mph in an incredible 4.9 seconds.

Jaguar I-Pace Introduces Powertrain and Range Software Updates

In pursuit of optimizing the I-Pace SUV Jaguar has generated a software update, focussing on enhancing the vehicle's powertrain and range. This has been achieved with reference to data collected from the I-Pace eTrophy electric zero-emission international motor racing series.

This software update is now installed on all new I-Paces ordered, however current owners of the vehicle can have this upgrade installed for free, simply by visiting their closest dealership.

With Jaguar’s new software comes a host of benefits including an additional 12 miles of real-world range. Furthermore, the new software update includes marginal advancements in the car’s energy recovery system, cooling system and energy recovery system which has enhanced its efficiency by eight percent when driving in normal conditions.

EV Registrations Rocket in November

The sales of Electric car vehicles rocketed in November, with sales jumping 228.8% year on year.

Data released by industry body the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) shows that 135.6% more electric cars have been sold currently in 2019 as opposed to the same point in 2018, where registrations totaled only 32,911.

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