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The Definitive Driving & Dating Etiquette Survey

The Definitive Driving & Dating Etiquette Survey

  • 42% of women have seen their date text while driving.
  • Beeping your horn outside the house is the most annoying way I guy can pick you up for a date.
  • 23% of women have been put of dating a guy because of his car.
  • Texting while driving is the biggest faux-pa you can make while driving to the restaurant.
  • 07% of men couldn’t finish the car journey without talking about their ex.
  • If a man can’t park first time, it could ruin his chances!
  • 28% of women expect Men not to drink alcohol on a date, if they’re driving.
  • 9 out of ten of women consciously judge a man’s driving skills as he drives.
  • Driving overly aggressively is the biggest turn off to women.

Here at Select Car Leasing, we’ve made it our mission to discover once and for all, what women really think about men, first dates and their cars. What we’ve discovered will definitely make men think twice when taking a woman out on a first date in the future!

Select Car Leasing’s dating survey was taken by over 1,500 women between the ages of 20 and 35, who didn’t hold back when answering questions on what they think of a man’s car, when a man picks them up for a date, driving to the venue and taking them home.

The first stand out statistic was that women do not care what men drive. A massive 77% of women said that a man’s car would not put them off going on a first date with them.

For the 23% that said it did, it was obvious that it was the state of the car that was the issue rather than the car itself.

In fact, the only ‘type’ of car that had a really negative impact was a ‘boy-racer’ car.

However, more surprising was what women did care about once they’d agreed to go on a date…

The Pick Up

The first major turn off can occur before the date has even begun. 37% of women say that if a man pulls up in his car and simply blows the horn to announce his arrival, like some sort of king in his chromed out chariot, then boys, don’t expect this date to go well. 21% say that they’re annoyed by a guy that simply texts to say he’s arrived. And perhaps the most surprising stat, was that only 5% of women say that it’s a turn off if a man doesn’t open the door for them.

The Journey

The journey to the venue is also another opportunity for men to mess up according to the 1500 women. Loud music, road rage, driving too fast and winding the windows down all made the women unhappy, but it was two statistics in particular that we didn’t expect to discover. A staggering 42% of women have seen their date texting while driving them to the venue and incredibly, 7% of the men were found to have talked about an ex-girlfriend whilst in the car!


The final potential stumbling point for men according to women was once you’ve both arrived at the venue and have to park the car. Amazingly 32% of women find it a turn off if a man can’t park within three attempts. This shows that women actually find good drivers sexier! The women also expressed their annoyance at men parking too far away (24%), not having their door opened (19%), not being helped out (7%) and when a man parks in a puddle (18%).


One rather interesting stat that really jumped out of the survey results, was that 28% of women didn’t want a man to have a drink during their date.

Driving Ability = Datability

Finally, we ask if a man’s driving ability mattered? The answer… YES! In fact, 91% of women said that they judged a man’s driving ability when on a date.

Also factors such as men driving overly aggressive, being nervous behind the wheel and driving too slowly are also big turn offs.

There you go, what women really think of men, their cars and some of their worst mistakes when taking women out on a first date.

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