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BMW i8: One of a kind?

If the release of the BMW I8 is anything to go by - the future has arrived. A vehicle that looks to have shot straight from the catacombs of the next century into roads in the UK's major cities. Seeing an i8 is for many petrol-heads, like one of the wonders of the world. With some of the most unique styling it is a truly incredible incredible experience, and there remains nothing like it. Not only does this vehicle look a little bit like the ficitionalized 'Tron-car' it may provoke a response from super-car manufacturers, and force the hand of some of the world's most recognised brands to create a more economical, and efficient set of furiously quick vehicles. 

It's right that the Bavarian manufacturer should not recieve all of the credit for doing this. The all-electric car brand Tesla have sent the hybrid and electric market on a rapid upward trajectory influenced by the chairmanship of Elon Musk, and have arguably made the electric-car a more appealing alternative and BMW are the first of the 'big-three' from Germany to truly invest in the project. Enjoying a successful twinned-launch with the i3, the BMW i8 grabbed the market in it's talons and carriedv it into pastures new, with Audi and Mercedes following suit with a succession of vehicles of similar stature to the i3. 

For now, the i8 is leading the hybrid super-car market by some distance, and that would appear to be the case for the forseeable future. Their rivals have the clout to weigh-in, but the i8 has time on it's side with a release that perhaps shocked the direct competitors of one of the world's most famous manufacturers. The i8 has been designed in a manner encouraged for the vehicle to zip through the air and save fuel, and to say the i8 is streamlined is the understatement of the century - sleek is perhaps more apt. 

Powered by a MINI Hatchback 1.5-litre turbo engine (that's where the comparisons with Britain's most famous vehicles end) and two electric motors the vehicle is capable of reaching 0-62mph in around 4.4 seconds and with a top-speed of 155mph, the i8 uses carbon-fibre designs similar to that of a Formula 1 vehicle and is lighter - another stick to beat it's rivals with - than the R8 and F-Type. Capable of 357bhp and benefiting from emissions as low as 49g/km, there is very little not to like and you'll also have the luxury of a 5,000 electric grant, electric driving range of 22 miles and it's hardly a guzzler; clocking up only 134.5mpg.  

The vehicle handles like a champion, with steering that Lewis Hamilton wouldn't be disappointed with and a driving position that is low, but incredibly impressive. The current running through the vehicle is one of class, elegance and econonmy and these carry through to every echealon of what is a truly show-stopping design. There are three modes to choose from, including EcoPro, Comfort and Sport. All are fairly self-explanatory and each offers their own unique touch to make the i8 what it is.

The interior is very-well furnished and includes all the features you'd expect of a vehicle with the i8's tenacity. You'll get BMW's trademark iDrive system and the dashboard is high-tech, characterized by unique aqua-blue styling and a wealth of standard equipment includingv LED headlamps, climate control and heated seats. Practicality may be your ownly downfall with space limited to two adults, and getting in the vehicle is something of a workout. The so-called ''swan doors'' are impressive, but you'll have to be as elegant as one to slide into the expanisve cabin. 

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However, these all appear mere specks on the surface for the marvellous i8. It's a vehicle that gets plenty of second-glances, and stands-out from the crowd. When returning to the car-park or even leaving it on your front-drive don't be surprised if you find a throng of enthusiasts snapping pictures and getting as close as possible to the i8's glistening surface. With great economy, and performance the i8 is truly one-of-a-kind and we can provide an instant, non-obligatory quote on the i8, delivered by a helpful, knowledgeable and informative sales staff.

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Tuesday, 02/08/2022