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Bluetooth in-car technology

Are you looking to get your new car and confused about having Bluetooth as an extra option? Or you are looking to get an external Bluetooth for your car? Our guide will get you all your questions answered!

Bluetooth in car technology

Bluetooth is a wireless technology that connects your mobile with car in a second and lets you to operate your mobile phone as a hands free system for call communication, streaming audio, text messaging and many more. The system has become universally very popular for car buyers as an extra feature and it has become a favourite for car manufacturers to offer in their cars.

Nowadays, most car manufacturers such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Vauxhall are offering Bluetooth as a standard feature however, the compatibility and the features can vary based on the car and the phone. You should always check before you choose the car.

How does Bluetooth actually work in cars?

Once you successfully connect the Bluetooth system of your phone with the car then simply follow the instruction to set up your phone book, calling functions etc. Once you’ve done this, then you are allowing wireless access to calling functions from your phone. These may be used via voice commands on a multi-function steering wheel.

What you can access via Bluetooth in car?

You can either connect your mobile, tablet or iPod’s Bluetooth with your car system and you can easily make, attend and reject calls which can be played on your mobile phone’s audio streaming and be used for GPS navigation as a hands-free speaker.

Once you’ve connected Bluetooth then you don’t need to connect again. Your car’s Bluetooth system will immediately recognise your phone every time afterwards.

“Please note, not all the mobiles are compatible and are able to show contacts and messages in your car.”

The first hands free car kit Bluetooth was introduced back in 2001 and Ford was the first manufacturer who has introduced this system in their cars.

External Bluetooth hands-free car kit

There are external car Bluetooth systems are available for those who have older cars and would like to get Bluetooth in their cars. Below are two good hands-free car kit systems–

• Plantronics K100 -

Plantronics K100

Once you connect the in-car speakerphone with your mobile phone’s Bluetooth than you can access the in-car communication, music streaming, podcasts, GPS navigation and in-car charger as well. It gives up to 15 hours of talk time and 15 days’ standby time.
You can find more information about this system on their online brochure here.

• Parrot Minikit Neo 2 HD -

It gives you the ability to connect two mobile phones and works as a separate phone; providing notification of calls with different ringtones. It also gives you access to smartphone listening with GPS navigation and the potential to stream music.
You can find more information about this system on their website here.

safety firstHope you enjoy our guide and it helps get your questions answered! Keep Safety First & remember not to set up your Bluetooth connectivity while driving!

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