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Best Car Leasing Deals 2020

The popularity of leasing a car via online e-commerce platforms continues to grow in 2020. 

Car leasing now represents a true viable alternative to the more traditional approach of buying the new car from the dealership using finance approaches such as PCP (Personal Contract Purchase) deals, HP (Hire Purchase) loans or other finance means.

Indicative of this growing trend, end of year statistics from leasing industry regulator the BVRLA, showed a 23% year-on-year growth for personal car leasing contracts – the single bright spark in a largely lukewarm car-buying market.

Why Leasing Works!

The reasons why leasing is working so well for so many UK drivers in 2020 are abundant, including:

1. An incredibly affordable way to drive new… car leasing is an inherently affordable way to get a new car, when compared to other forms of financing a new vehicle. Simply compare the fixed monthly payments for leasing against any other form of finance and you’ll see just how cheap it really is

2. Fixed monthly payments… when you lease a vehicle you get the benefit of a known fixed monthly payment approach to budgeting your money – there’s no hidden extras

3. Avoid the depreciation… furthermore, leasing also helps avoid the problems and expenses that naturally come from buying and then owning an ageing, depreciating vehicle

4. Ease of browsing an online platform… with an extensive range of makes and models now available to lease, scouring through an online platform from the comfort of your home with hundreds of makes and models to hand has made it so simple to pick your exact car and specification

5. Choose what you like, when you like… with complete freedom of choice over your vehicle’s make, model and specifications, choosing to lease means you don’t lose out on the personal preferences you get when buying a car outright either

6. The hassle-free nature of the leasing service… with additional service aspects included in the leasing process such as delivery to and from the door, as well as specific maintenance plans, leasing really becomes a ‘done for you’ process, helping simplify your lifestyle.

Cheap Car Leasing Deals – They’re Everywhere in 2020

Traditionally the mainstay of premium cars and the business executive, as leasing has grown in popularity the number of cheap car leasing deals available on the market to the regular UK consumer has also expanded significantly. In terms of impact on the wallet, taking one of the more value-based vehicle leasing options can almost feel like taking out a new mobile contract.

In order to highlight just how cheap it can be to lease a new vehicle, our team of experts have picked their top 5 cheap lease deals for the UK driver in 2020*:


Toyota Aygo Lease (from only £140.14 p/m inc VAT)

A highly practical purchase decision for anyone looking to tackle the busy urban city environment. Thanks to its distinctive sporty looks and a great drive, a Toyota Aygo lease is a popular choice for customers looking for a car that brings maximum value for a minimum price.

Fiat 500 Lease (from only £125.99 p/m inc VAT)

With a retro and sporty look the Fiat 500 is another perfect affordable solution for busy city driving, with low running costs and lots of options for personalisation, the Fiat 500 is a great choice to stand out on the road without breaking the bank.

Nissan Micra Lease (from only £135.59 p/m inc VAT)

The Nissan Micra boasts a stylish and sporty exterior, with an engine that finds balance between power and economy. The interior has been designed for exceeding levels of comfort making this affordable vehicle choice, one that should be given early consideration when looking to lease a car at a cheap, affordable price.

VW UP! Lease (from only £139.19 p/m inc VAT)

Perfect for city driving – the stylish VW UP! is one of the UK’s most popular small hatchbacks. Its compact design makes it perfect for the most troublesome parking spots and thanks to low emissions and costs on the road, its affordable to run as well.

Skoda Scala Lease (from only £148.19 p/m inc VAT)

Skoda's newest hatchback has been touted as an early Ford Focus rival and looks well-equipped to topple one of the UK's market leaders. Its sharp, modern styling is complemented by a range of highly efficient engines and Skoda's trademark focus on practical interiors.

We have numerous other cheap cars available to lease, if you’d like to browse all our cars that are currently available for under £150 a month then please simply click below;


*Prices include VAT. Credit is Subject to Status, Ts and Cs and Arrangement Fees apply. Excess mileage may apply. Price correct as of 28/01/2020.

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