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DBX Concept: Aston Martin put electric crossover on roadmap

Aston Martin may have single-handedly served up the biggest surprise at the Geneva Motor Show in one fell swoop. The manufacturer already wowed show-goers with the ravenously quick Vulcan, and while the DBX is an entirely different kettle-of-fish it’s spawned an almost equal amount of clamour.

The surprise came in the burly shape of the AWD crossover DBX which is set to be all-electric. The vehicle remains in the concept pile, but it’s chances of slipping into the heap of motoring abyss are slim with Aston Martin officials speaking with great confidence about the future and the DBX's role within it.

As the sheets flew-off the DBX, press and atendees were left scrabbling for their phones and notepads. Famous for providing super-cars that were about as far away from the words family and economy that we doubt they could even make out the letters, Aston Martin will be angling towards waters every-bit as different, and you can’t help but feel excited about everybody’s favourite prestige-brand wading into a new market.

If anybody’s quick to tell you about a new direction it’s Aston Martin with more buzzwords than you could fit in a DB9 being thrown around Geneva. Such phrases as ‘’environmentally responsible’’ and ‘’family friendly’’ probably weren’t top of James Bond’s checklist when he bowled up looking for a new car. However, 007 wouldn’t look out place in a vehicle with such class in abundance.

But what of the vehicle? A wide-frame and defining grille gives the DBX an air of originality and a sloped roofline and sleek skirts will aid it's agility. LED Lights adorn the front and rear and are perhaps the only evidence this is an Aston Martin at all. Luggage capacity is set to be ‘’generous’’ and it’s undoubted that practicality will be at the forefront of Aston’s mind when it kicks the vehicle into production. Details on the engine performance and specifics are sketchy, and at the moment nothing more than rumours.

Inside, Aston Martin’s famous luxurious touch rings ever-true with the addition of Velvet and Nubuck leather seats. A gold trim will give the vehicle an air of professionalism, and brings the class levels up a notch.

As good as this all sounds, don’t get rid of your Qashqai just yet. The brain-in-chief and Chairman Andy Palmer was quick to quash any discussion of release dates. Speaking on their official website: This is, clearly, not a production-ready sports GT car, but it is a piece of fresh, bold thinking about what Aston Martin GT customers around the world could request of us in the future.

“The DBX Concept is more than a thought starter for us and for our customers, though. We will, in due course, be entering a car into the new DBX space and I am very much looking forward to seeing how this concept is received not only here today, but also by our legion of existing loyal customers and by those potential customers around the world who have, to this point, yet to consider one of our cars.”

In a show not short on quality from Aston, the shiny DBX Concept is still a world-away but has generated interest on similar level to those releasing next year, such is the clout Aston hold in the industry. A few lukewarm sentiments thrown in for good measure in the statement, but by and large Aston Martin are truly serious about this and we can't be the only ones welcoming this news warmly. The vehicle, or a version of it, could well be gracing our roads by 2020.

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