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Benefits Of Business Car Leasing

Regardless of the shape or size of your business, business car leasing offers a myriad of benefits, making it a really smart choice. To find out more about the tax and accounting benefits of business car leasing, along with the staff-related benefits and broader business-related benefits, read on.

Employee And Other Business Benefits Of Business Car Leasing

As well as all of the tax and accounting benefits mentioned above, business car leasing offers many employee benefits, plus many broader business-related ones too, such as employee incentivisation, increased staff reliability, peace of mind around corporate responsibilities, plus the opportunity to present a much more professional business image!

Project A Better Image Of Your Business

The sheer affordability of business leasing means your business can probably drive a much more premium vehicle than it would otherwise be able to, helping you to present an impressive, credible image to clients and customers.

Fulfil Your Corporate Responsibilities

The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 requires businesses to ensure the safety of employees when driving for work purposes. Leasing enables businesses to update vehicles every 2-3 years, and thus maintain high safety standards.

Employee Incentives, Rewards & Retention

Business Leasing enables you to offer employees and potential employees the attractive proposition of a brand-new car every 2 to 3 years. Moreover, if your employees would like it (and you agree!), small, reversible modifications may be allowed (depending on your finance company)

Flexible Usage For Individuals Including Car-Pooling

Flexible contract terms means vehicles can be used by an individual employee or group of employees, providing ultimate flexibility for your staff and business

Increased Staff Reliability

Leasing a brand-new vehicle reduces the chance of vehicle breakdowns and therefore the chance of missed appointments and meetings.

Always Drive New

Leasing provides an easy way for businesses to always drive new vehicles, to be able to up-date vehicles more frequently (every 2 – 3 years) and take advantage of all the latest developments in technology and fuel efficiency.

Avoid The Stress Of Selling

Your business won’t have the often-difficult task of selling the vehicle, it simply hands back the car to the finance company.

No Long Term Commitment

Short term agreements of 2-5 years means if you have a variable workforce or a changing business situation, you won’t be overcommitting.

Some Vehicle Modifications May Be Possible

Small, reversible modifications to your vehicle may be allowed (depending on your finance company).

Tax And Accounting Benefits Of Business Leasing

There are considerable accounting benefits to leasing a car through your business. With low initial outlay and low monthly payments, fixed cost motoring and no vehicle deprecation - car leasing frees up business capital for other projects.

Protect And Free-Up Capital For Other Projects

With low initial outlays and fixed monthly payments, leasing requires minimal capital expenditure, enabling capital to be put to better use elsewhere.

Detailed Reporting & Accounting

We provide a complete on-going business paper-trail for the vehicle, including for any servicing and maintenance included, meaning there’s less work for you and your accountant.

Fixed Cost Motoring

Set monthly instalments, all-inclusive manufacturer warranty and road tax means your business will know in exactly what it’ll be paying out every month. If you include a service and maintenance option, your business can also avoid large unexpected service and maintenance bills.

Avoid Vehicle Depreciation Risk

Cars lose approx. 50-60% of their value in the first 3 years and vans even more so, moreover resale value is an unknown. With leasing, however, you avoid the threat of these potential financial losses, as your business doesn’t own the vehicle.

Reclaim Lease Payments

Monthly lease payments for cars emitting 110g/km or less CO2 are 100% re-claimable, or 85% if emissions are 111/km or more. For vans, 100% of the lease payment amount is reclaimable (regardless of the vehicle's emissions band).

Reclaim VAT On Lease Payments

If VAT registered, your business can claim back 100% of VAT on car leasing costs every month if vehicle usage is 100% business or 50% mixed business-private usage. For vans, the vehicles’ business usage directly translates to the VAT percentage reclaimable (e.g. 90% business use = 90% VAT reclaimable).

Reclaim VAT On Maintenance

Your business can reclaim 100% of VAT on maintenance packages for a car or a van (if the business is VAT registered).

Reclaim VAT On Business Fuel

Your business can reclaim VAT on fuel used for business journeys (if the business is VAT registered)

VAT Efficient

Because leasing companies do not use the vehicles they lease for private motoring ( they simply lease it on to their customers), they are able to recover 100% of the VAT on the purchase price, and pass this benefit onto their customers through a reduced price.

The Benefits Of Business Car Fleet Leasing

There are just so many benefits of car fleet leasing for your business, including a dedicated account manager and mileage pooling features.  It is a smart, highly flexible solution that enables you to affordably get and keep your business on the road, offer attractive incentives for employees and increase staff reliability, all whilst projecting a credible, impressive image to customers.

Dedicated Account Manager

For businesses needing a fleet and corporate clients who request it, we provide a dedicated account manager to provide the most up-to-date expertise on corporate and employee responsibilities relating to company cars, fleets and company car allowances.

Fleet Discounts

We offer excellent fleet discounts for businesses that need multiple vehicles

Fleet Mileage Pooling

A leased fleet allows your business to pool mileage and so accommodate both low and high mileage driving variations across fleet vehicles

If you'd like to speak with our friendly team about business vehicle leasing, simply call 0118 920 5130 or email us at: enquiries@selectcarleasing.co.uk

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