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7 Seater Car Lease Deals

The People Carrier or 'MPV' remains a great option for those looking for plenty of space, great practical features and added comfort for the family. 7 Seater MPV Leasing offers a selection of these cars with enhanced room for passengers, while still being simple to drive and ensuring running costs remain affordable on the road. Read more

As an upgrade on the standard MPV, the 7 Seater is the perfect option for those who have greater demands both for passengers and with luggage to ferry around. The introduction of 7 Seats in these cars doesn't necessarily result in a compromise in boot space, in fact, these vehicles often offer even more generous amounts of storage.

The Volkswagen Touran is a great example in this regard. Developed to cater for all the various strains of family life and with the full complement of 7 seats, this offers a refined choice of engines which are efficient and cost-effective. 

For further information on 7 Seater MPV lease, please give us a call on: 0118 920 5130 or email: enquiries@selectcarleasing.co.uk.

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