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Renault Trucks OptiModale makes last-mile deliveries fly by

OptiModale is a last-mile concept from Renault Trucks that combines the electric E-Tech Master van with a cargo e-bike, a parcel carrying drone and even a slide-out heli-drone landing pad.

The concept has been designed with the aim of helping to reduce congestion and improve air quality in urban areas. Built around an all-electric E-Tech Master van with Low Loader Luton body by Horton Commercials, the van plays the role of a mothership, holding an eBullitt electric Cargo bike and a Uvatek drone on board.

The E-Tech Master OptiModale is powered by Renault’s R75 electric motor, running from a 33kWh battery pack, although the latest E-Tech Master is available with a larger 52kWh option. Not too sure how that translates? Take a look at our guide explaining what kWh and kW really mean.

The 3.5-tonne LWB L3H1 platform cab offers a typical range of around 80 miles before requiring recharging - a good combination of useful range and payload for urban and last-mile deliveries.

Grahame Neagus, Head of LCV at Renault Trucks UK & Ireland, said: 

“The all-new Renault Trucks E-Tech Master OptiModale addresses the pressing need to improve air quality and pollution in our cities while improving accessibility and productivity for operators. By harnessing multiple modes of electric transport, this is an all-in-one sustainable solution that is set to transform the rapidly growing parcel market, and can be replicated anywhere in the world.”

The 4,100mm Low Loader Luton body was specially commissioned for the concept from Horton Commercials. It is fully equipped for parcel delivery, with plenty of capacity and folding shelving for convenience. It‘s also fitted with a bike lift and heli-drone pad system, to make deployment of the onboard zero-emission transport as easy as possible.

Hiding in a storage area complete with a bike lift is the latest generation eBullitt electric cargo bike, with a cargo capacity of up to 100kg. Finished in a Renault Trucks Red frame with a corresponding white cargo box, it’s equipped with the latest Shimano e-system providing up to 30 miles of power assistance for the cyclist.

Wen back on board the OptiModale, the battery can be removed and fully charged from empty in four hours.

The retractable heli-drone pad, from which the latest generation parcel carrying drone from Uvatek can be launched, sits above the eCargo bike within the truck.

The Uvatek Magpie can carry high-value loads up to 2kgs in weight. It can be programmed to receive or deliver to multiple locations within the same mission, covering a wide area within its 40 minute flying time. A physical return switch sends the drone back to its landing pad so that the drone can be operated by untrained users to receive or return payloads.

The speed and accuracy of the Uvatek craft make it ideal for urgent time-sensitive deliveries over the countryside or across water, while still adhering to restrictions on where drones can fly.

“The E-Tech Master OptiModale is a two-person operation, offering the flexibility of delivering larger parcels by van, whilst the second team member takes the eBullitt cargo bike for last mile deliveries where congestion is at its worst,'' added Neagus. 
“Additionally, the drone provides rapid deployment for urgent situations, such as delivering vital drugs or supplies to challenging or inaccessible locations. Optimodale delivers an innovative “last mile” solution and is a clear illustration of the breadth and depth of our thinking, providing Renault Trucks logistics customers with a sustainable solution from 2kg all the way up to 44 tonne.”

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