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VW scouting for customers with US-bound electric pickup truck

Volkswagen has confirmed that it will launch an electric pickup truck within the next four years, but only for the US market - for now.

While we await the forthcoming next-generation Amarok pickup’s arrival in the UK, Volkswagen’s plans for the US centre around reviving the Scout name, which Volkswagen acquired last year.

Designed and engineered in the US, the pickup will be joined by a rugged SUV. A new company will be formed in the US this year, with the first prototypes expected to be unveiled next year. Production of both models, to be produced in America, is slated to start in 2026.

The electrified Scout-brand pickup and SUV will be built on a new technical platform concept designed in America, rather than sharing any existing Volkswagen platform, meaning this will be far more than a simple reskinning of an existing Euro-friendly product.

Herbert Diess, CEO Volkswagen AG, said: 

“After Volkswagen’s successful turnaround in the US, we are now taking the opportunity to further strengthen our position in one of the most significant growth markets for EVs. Electrification provides a historic opportunity to enter the highly attractive pickup and R-SUV segment as a Group, underscoring our ambition to become a relevant player in the U.S. market.”

Arno Antlitz, CFO Volkswagen AG, added: 

“The company we will establish this year will be a separate unit and brand within the Volkswagen Group to be managed independently. This aligns with the new Group steering model – small units that act agilely and have access to our tech platforms to leverage synergies.”

By targeting the lucrative pickup market in America, Volkswagen is hoping to bolster its market share - it’s targeting 10% - as well as profits.

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