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Bigger battery and more range for Citroen, Peugeot and Vauxhall electric vans

Citroen, Peugeot and Vauxhall have all updated their large electric vans, plugging in a bigger battery and offering more range.

The Stellantis-owned trio of brands have replaced the 70kWh battery pack in their large electric vans, replacing them with a 75kWh pack that adds an extra 15 miles of pure-electric driving range. This extends the capability of the Citroen e-Relay, Peugeot e-Boxer and Vauxhall Movano-e, improving the WLTP-measured range to 154 miles. Range anxiety can be intense, especially if you're in need of an electric fleet, but we've got a guide to put your worries at bay about electric vehicle range.

The new 75kWh battery is coupled with a 120hp electric motor providing maximum torque of 260Nm. That translates into instant responsiveness and makes the vans a cinch to drive in urban areas. Fewer vibrations and a smooth driving experience than diesel-powered models also lead to a more relaxed environment, which is good news for drivers.

Payload capacity remains unchanged, with the e-Relay, e-Boxer and Movano-e all able to accommodate up to 15 cubic metres of cargo, with weights of up to 1,100kg able to be carried.

As well as impressive load carrying capabilities and an extended range, the van models offer lower running costs to operators than regular diesel-powered vans. Each is also exempt from all current ultra-low emissions zones and congestion charge limitations, helping those last-mile delivery companies in urban areas control costs further.

List prices remain the same for the 3.5-tonne versions, which means monthly lease rates shouldn’t change. Heavy-duty four-tonne models will benefit from a hefty cost cut, with £8,770 being knocked off the sticker price. All models also remain eligible for the government’s Plug-in Van Grant which offers a rebate of up to £5,000. Your lease deal will take all this into account, leaving you with little paperwork and no government departments to deal with!

First deliveries of the revised model are expected in late summer.

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