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ABT e-Line converting Volkswagen Transporter vans to electric power

The compact Volkswagen ID Buzz Cargo might be turning a good number of heads with its individual styling, but it isn’t the answer for every business. 

The more traditional Volkswagen Transporter is a practical solution for many, and ABT e-Line now provides increased flexibility by electrifying customers’ Volkswagen Transporter T6.1 vans.

Having removed the e-Transporter from its commercial vehicle range, Volkswagen customers have been left with just the ID Buzz Cargo as a pure electric option. 

ABT e-Line’s offering can fill that gap, providing a range of short and long-wheelbase options, varying roof heights, and even platform and chassis cab choices thanks to a comprehensive conversion programme.

Electric Power: Range and Performance

Utilising the experience gained in building the discontinued e-Transporter for Volkswagen, the Bavarian experts can convert an existing diesel Transporter with a DSG automatic gearbox to a pure electric model. 

The converted model is fitted with a 37.3kWh battery pack and can cover between 65 and 85 miles, according to WLTP testing, and depending on the van’s configuration and weight. At best, the converted Transporters will cover 2.3 miles per kWh of battery power, which is broadly similar to other electrically powered rivals.

Peak power hits 113hp, with 200Nm of torque, giving a maximum speed of 56mph. This can be optionally raised to 75mph, but this will hit energy consumption significantly.

Recharging takes around 5.5 hours from a regular home charger, making it easy to top up the van overnight. Where fast charging is available — at speeds of up to 50kW — an 80% charge can be completed in just 45 minutes.

The ABT e-Line converted Transporter will be unsuitable for many businesses due to its limited range and performance. However, there will still be plenty of applications where the switch to electric power makes sense, especially as more cities introduce low-emission zones and road charging schemes.

The conversion is likely to be a particularly attractive option for vehicles with expensive conversions or superstructures, such as refuse trucks, tippers, refrigerated trucks or cherry pickers.

A conversion may prove to be an obvious financial win when a fleet vehicle is out of action due to an expensive engine fault. Extending the life of an existing vehicle could be cheaper and will be more environmentally friendly than swapping a van for a new model.

Likewise, with delivery times for new vehicles frequently extending beyond 12 months and longer for conversions, ABT’s ability to provide a conversion quickly will appeal to some sectors.

Conversion Costs

ABT e-Line charges €19,900 (around £17,500) for the conversion kit, which can then be fitted to the Volkswagen Transporter donor van provided by the customer. Installation and other costs add a further €3,950 (about £3,500) depending on the base vehicle specifications.

Eric Plekkepoel, CEO of ABT e-Line GmbH commented: 
"The conversion is carried out by us in just a few days. This measure is not only particularly sustainable because it produces significantly fewer CO2 emissions than building a new vehicle, but also has numerous advantages for customers."

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