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Engine Type And Drive Location

Whether you’re driving mainly long distances or just zipping around town, you’ll want a van that’s both compatible with your environment and that offers good fuel economy.

Engine Type And Drive Location

A key factor to consider when researching your ideal van, is which engine will best suit the types of journeys you'll be doing. Importantly, don't forget to also take into account any private use trips you may undertake. 

Engines for City and Town Driving

If your work is city or town based, you’ll need a van that allows you to move with ease through narrow streets and also slide into tight parking spaces. For this reason, smaller, slimmer vans are ideal.

The stop-start nature of city motoring also means your engine is continuously being shut down and re-started, forcing it to work hard, consume more fuel and eject more emissions into the environment. Consequently, the city has become the ideal driving scene for electric and hybrid vans, especially if you don’t do lots of long-distance trips.

Electric and hybrid vans become even more attractive if you’re frequently passing through ultra-low emission zones (such as London), because their no/low emissions status means you’ll be exempt from any congestion charge.

If you work mainly in the city but still have long stretches of motorway driving to do, then a hybrid van could be the ideal choice as it gives you the ability to reduce emissions and save on fuel costs, but at the same time able to go the distance when needed.

Engines for Regional, Rural and Motorway Driving

If in the main your work is regional, country-based, or involves a lot of motorway driving, you could opt for a slightly larger van because you won't face the same space pressures as urban drivers. However, keep in mind that a larger van inevitably means poorer fuel economy.

Despite the undeniable issues diesels face, they’re likely to remain a viable option for those doing a considerable amount of long distance and motorway driving, simply because they deliver more miles per gallon than petrol.

How To Choose The Right Van

Now you've got a better idea of what to look out for in terms of engine types and locations, why not explore more of our guides on How To Choose The Right Van.

Alternatively, simply get in touch with one of our specialist van leasing consultants on 01656 337337 or contact us at enquiries@selectcarleasing.co.uk

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