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Electrify Your Fleet Today

More and more businesses are plugging in and running electric vehicles on their business fleet. There’s plenty reasons why you should too.

Road to ZERO

About Fleet Electrification

For one, the high costs of outright ownership of electric cars or vans can often make them prohibitively expensive.

On the other hand, leasing an electric vehicle offers businesses a very cost-effective way of joining the green revolution, with all the usual business leasing benefits combined with great tax incentives and reduced on-road running costs. EVs also help you lower your company’s carbon footprint.

Thanks to our unique partnerships, Select Fleet Solutions can provide electric vehicles from all of the leading vehicle manufacturers. And we’re also perfectly placed to offer you advice and support in choosing the best electric vehicles for your fleet.

Benefits of taking your fleet electric

Enjoy the latest automotive advances

Great tax incentives on electric vehicles

Reduced on-road running costs

Fulfilling your green agenda

Lowering your company's carbon footprint

Whole-life vehicle cost reduction

Three main types of electric vehicle

As more and more manufacturers reveal their electrically-powered vehicles, there’s never been more choice for lease customers. But how do you know which type of electric vehicle is the most suitable for your needs? Here’s our quick, easy to read guide:

Fully electric (BEVs)

These vehicles are driven purely by one or more electric motors, with no traditional combustion engine at all. Not only are they the cheapest vehicle type to run, they are also zero-emission, which means they represent the best solution for both the local and global environment.

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Plug-in hybrid (PHEVs)

Like a fully electric vehicle, a Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV) also needs to be plugged in to charge its medium-sized battery. PHEVs have both a traditional petrol/diesel engine as well as the battery. Typically the first 20-40 miles in a PHEV are battery only – then the petrol/diesel engine takes over for longer trips.

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Conventional hybrid (HEVs)

Non plug-in hybrid cars combine a standard combustion engine with a smaller battery-powered electric motor. There’s no need to plug in a hybrid electric vehicle – the battery is instead charged partly by the combustion engine and partly via regenerative braking.

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Road to ZERO

Electrify Your Fleet Today

Fleet Solutions

Select Fleet Solutions offers the most cost effective and seamless business car leasing and fleet leasing solutions for all companies.

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Electrify Your Fleet

More and more businesses are plugging in and running electric vehicles on their business fleet. There’s plenty reasons why you should too.

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Fleet Finance Options

It’s important to choose the right vehicle finance method to suit your business. With the wide range of choices available and the everchanging tax rules, it is quite a lot to consider.

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