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Fleet management solutions for your business

With over 10 years' expertise providing fleet management services, Select Car Leasing offers the most cost effective and seamless business car leasing and fleet leasing solutions for all companies across the UK. Read more

Select Car Leasing has formed blue-ribbon partnerships with the major global automotive distributors and retailers as well the UK's leading finance companies. These strong relationships enable us to provide the most competitive vehicle leasing rates, whatever your individual or your business's car or van fleet requirements. 

As the industry's business vehicle leasing experts, we can offer small, medium and large vehicle fleet packages, ensuring we have a fleet solution for any organisation.

Alongside leasing, Select also offer a multitude of business vehicle financing and servicing options, including designated salary sacrifice schemes as well as sale and lease back services. In addition, we offer industry leading personal contract hire vehicle rates for employees opting out of their company car scheme and can also provide affinity scheme partnership options for your business. The choice really is yours.

You might be looking to manage your fleet yourself, using a fleet software and driver app. Or, on the other hand, we can help you to fully outsource your entire fleet management process to us. Whichever way you want to manage your fleet, Select Car Leasing has all the financing options to suit every business today.

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1-9 Vehicle Fleets

See our latest special offers for all vehicle makes and models. Simply enquire to get your personalised quote.

10-49 Vehicle Fleets

We have a solution for any size vehicle fleet that will save you time, manage costs and keep your business complaint.

50+ Vehicle Fleets

Get in touch with our fleet experts to find out more about our seamless end-to-end fleet solution for your business.

Electrify Your Fleet Today

There’s a host of advantages when it comes to running electric cars in your fleet, and it’s not just the significantly lower running costs.

There are also numerous financial incentives for businesses, which include tax and duty exemptions for employers and employees, as well as enhanced capital allowances.

Thanks to our unique and longstanding partnerships, Select Car Leasing can provide electric car leasing deals from all leading manufacturers. And we’re also perfectly placed to offer you advice and support in choosing the best electric vehicle for your fleet.

Salary Sacrifice

With a salary sacrifice scheme, an employee forgoes a portion of their gross salary and in return gets a ‘non cash benefit’, such as a lease car.

Employees make savings on tax and national insurance and there are no personal credit checks. Additionally, with car lease agreements - all servicing, insurance and road tax costs are covered. For employers, this scheme can translate to increased staff retention and job satisfaction, whilst lowering ‘grey fleet’ risks and encouraging low-emission motoring.

Crucially, we can also provide guidance and support on broader areas, including insurance, legal issues, HMRC approval, electric vehicle tariffs and electric charging solutions. Select Car Leasing can act as your designated salary sacrifice provider, while assisting you in the establishment and ongoing administration of the scheme within your business.

Affinity Scheme

An Affinity Scheme partnership between your business and Select Car Leasing gives your employees exclusive online access to discounted brand new vehicle offers and products.

An alternative to salary sacrifice, the scheme is a great way for your business to attract, reward and retain employees by offering them ways to save money on their dream new car.

Sale and Lease Back

This option is often used by employers to reduce the risk associated with the future value of a vehicle as an asset. A company sells its existing fleet of vehicles to a third party contract hire firm, who then value it, provide a cash injection to the company and lease the vehicles back at an agreed rate.

Cash Car Allowance

In this scenario an employer pays a sum of money to an employee, in addition to their salary, as an alternative to providing a company car. It’s a highly flexible option often used to finance an employee’s dream vehicle.

Our highly competitive car leasing deals will provide assurances your cash-for-car opt-out drivers are in safe hands when choosing a new vehicle in their own name. We can also advise them with your firm’s grey fleet responsibilities in mind, such as the benefits of taking a maintenance contract, and of leasing a brand-new vehicle rather than purchasing or financing an older vehicle.

These grey fleet vehicles can also be added to our fleet management system, so that all vehicles can be managed by Select Car Leasing under one dashboard.

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Fleet management and our services

We recognise firms require constant fleet analysis to ensure they are working in the most cost-effective and efficient manner, which is why Select Car Leasing performs continued and robust scrutiny throughout an agreement. Fully legally compliant, our competitive tendering process, using single or multi funders, ensures you do not put the brakes on your bottom line.

We offer two management solutions - a fleet software dashboard and a driver app to enable you to manage your fleet ‘in house’ or we can help you to fully outsource your fleet management.

Whichever way you want to manage your fleet, Select Car Leasing has options to suit all businesses.

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What are the benefits?

  • Help you to choose the vehicles most suited to your business needs, taking into account Total Cost of Ownership
  • Prompts for MOTs, RFL renewals, servicing and driver licence checks
  • Vehicle location and tracking assistance
  • Mileage tracking and end of contract mileage estimates
  • Receive alerts when drivers get penalties or disqualifications, direct from the DVLA
  • Track which members of staff are authorised to drive which vehicles
  • Pay-as-you-go maintenance management if you choose
  • 24/7 Fleet Management, including a dedicated account manager and supporting team
  • Accident management
  • Risk management and grey fleet management
  • Light Commercial Vehicle Fleet Management
  • Daily Rental and Short-Term hire
  • Fleet Consultancy
  • Fuel cost analysis
  • Real-time access to online reporting
  • Mobile Driver App