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Electric vehicles are the future? What are the scopes?

Author: Dipti Parmar     Date: 23-10-2015

The electric vehicle market is growing day by day, if you take a look at the data on the number of ultra low emission vehicles on British roads, it is clear that it has almost tripled in a year where fleets are playing an important part. But what are the future scopes for the electric industry? Let’s talk about this now!

Electric vehicles are not new to the automotive industry. They are becoming a more common sight on UK fleets where major manufacturers and companies are aiming to reduce CO2 emissions.

ULEVs market is growing...


Number of ULEVs registered by end of May

According to SMMT (Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders) data – there are totals of 11,842 ULEV (Ultra low emission vehicles) were registered between January to May 2015 which is a four-fold rise on the 2,838 registrations in the same period last year.


Alternate fuelled vehicle registrations - May 2015ultra low emission vehicle registrations - may 2015

The ULEV market in the UK

  • According to DVLA data, the ULEV market in the UK has recently undergone a significant expansion, and in the last quarter of 2014 and first quarter of 2015 they represented over 1% of new car sales for the first time.
  • The PHEVs market currently account for around two-thirds of ULEVs being sold in the UK, and BEVs a third.

Look at the Sales and Market Share of ULEVs in the UK over time graph here -

ULEV market over time

Looking at the market share of Ultra low emission vehicles in UK compared to other selected countries, we can see Norway, Holland and the California region of America have the biggest EV market share in 2014.

Market share of ULEVs in the UK and other selected countries

Norway's market share of Ultra low emission vehicles over time

  • There are a total of 8,803 public charging points.
  • There was a total of 2% EV market share in 2011 as opposed to 18% in 2014
  • The Battery electric market is higher compared to plug-in hybrids.
Norway market share over time


California market share of Ultra low emission vehicles over time

  • There are total of 6,702 public charging points.
  • There was a 1% EV market total share in 2011 and 3% in 2014
  • Both battery electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids have an equal market share.
California market share over time


UK market share of Ultra low emission vehicles over time

  • The majority of electric vehicles wer sold in the UK between 2014 and 2015. Battery vehicles have accounted for a quarter of EV sales and plug-in hybrids three-quarters.
UK market share over time


Do you know?

The demographic of most private electric vehicle owners are currently middle-aged, male, well-educated and live in urban areas.

Most fleet EV owners are currently private sector businesses, working in a range of industries, with fewer than 500 employees, and a small-medium sized fleet.

Recharge your car as you drive

Wireless motorway charging model

The major drawbacks of electric vehicles are the battery which is often perceived as a hassle, especially when taking the car on long distances. However, the government is doing off-road trials for technology to power electric and hybrid vehicles on England’s major roads without needing to stop and charge the car’s battery. The plan is due to take place later this year.

The government is already committing £500 million over the next five years to keep Britain at the forefront of this technology, which will help boost jobs and growth in the sector.

The wireless power transfer sounds like a very attractive solution and would definitely benefit most from EVS, so it is worth fleets considering the new ULEV technology.

Look at the best selling Ultra low emissions vehicles here -

Best selling electric car – Nissan Leaf

The Nissan Leaf is one of the best-selling electric cars in the UK which can travel up to 155 miles on a single charge. The Leaf was a big step in changing the image of zero emissions, battery-powered vehicles for the better.

The Leaf is good in terms of practicality, drivability and comfort; offering a good-sized boot and plenty of room inside. All its trim models come with standard Bluetooth and USB connectivity, as well as keyless go. The car was handed full five-star Euro NCAP ratings.

Best selling plug-in hybrid car – Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

The Mitsubishi Outlander plug-in hybrid is a big success and works with the combination of a high efficiency petrol engine and an electric battery that drives the PHEV smoothly and can achieve up to 156 miles per gallon.

It’s a very appealing car if you are looking for a big, practical company car that won’t cost much to tax.

Electric Van – Nissan eNV200

Due to the automotive market and low emissions technology growing, Nissan’s electric van eNV200 is available for businesses. Nissan is very confident in providing low running costs, zero emissions technology for businesses whilst driving. Nissan’s electric eNV200 comes with five or seven van options.

UK’s one of the gas suppliers company, British gas have adopted low emission technology by using Nissan e-NV200 for their fleets and they are very satisfied from it & its wider commitment to ensuring 10% of its fleet of 13,000 home service vans are all-electric by 2017.

Paul Kidd, a British Gas Service & Repair engineer from Northumberland, said:“I can sometimes spend hours each day driving between customer’s homes, but the Nissan e-NV200 made that just a little bit easier. It was smooth, stress-free and I was really disappointed when I had to give it back. I would absolutely recommend the van to other engineers, particularly as the technology improves and more charge points are installed. It’s definitely the future."

Thinking to switch to ultra low emissions technology? As we all know, switching to ultra-low emissions can be extremely beneficial. They are not just good for the environment but good for the pocket too; as it’s cheap to run, 5% BIK rate, exempt from road tax and there’s no congestion charge in central London.

If you need any help finding your next ultra low emissions vehicle then simply have a look at our website or simply call our friendly sales team on 0118 920 5130.

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