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Key Contacts

Questions about your lease

Your funder will be able to answer any questions which are to do with your lease. You can find their contact details below:

Funder Contact Number Maintenance & Servicing Breakdown
lex 0344 335 4000 Option 1 Option 1
lease plan 0344 493 5811 Option 2 Option 1
alphabet 0370 505 0102 Option 1 Option 1
0343 351 9078 Option 3 Option 1
arval 0370 600 4499 Option 3 Option 1
santander 0330 134 8751 Option 5 Option 1
ald 0117 908 6535 Option 2 Option 2
vw financial services 0370 010 2022 Option 2 Option 2
mercedes-benz financial services 0370 847 0700 Option 5 Option 5

0330 331 0226 - -

0344 561 4611 - -

Maintenance through

Your maintenance package covers the cost of servicing, tyres* and routine maintenance, however, it remains your responsibility to ensure services are scheduled according to the manufacturers guidelines. Find out more

0121 521 3500

Lease Gap & Select Protect

Your Lease Gap package protects you against financial loss in the event of a total loss claim. Find out more

End of contract inspections

For peace of mind and to help avoid any unnecessary charges at the end of your lease, we've partnered with Inspect Any Car. As a specialist inspection company they will be able to highlight any areas that may need addressing before returning your vehicle.

Had an accident?

In the event of an accident, simply call 0844 415 3943 and Select Accident Aftercare will take care of everything. We will arrange the recovery and repair of your vehicle, and in non-fault claims ensure that you are kept on the road with a replacement vehicle.

iTOP TIP: Remember to record the make, model and registration number of the third party vehicle, name and contact details of the third party driver, and name and contact details or any witnesses. It's also useful to take photographs if you can.